Instagram guide

More than 500 million online users visit various Instagram profiles every day. Some of these followers may be your followers!

Everything is possible only with the right approach and consistent promotion.

In the article, you will learn the effective ways to increase Instagram followers rate.

Create an attractive profile to increase Instagram followers

First, to have a lot of Instagram followers, take care of the correct design of the profile. It’s not difficult to make your page attractive to potential followers:

  • Come up with a bright and memorable nickname (ideally, if it will display the essence of what will happen in your profile.)
  • Make an attractive cover — put a high-quality and interesting photo.
  • Think over an informative description of your profile.
  • Make highlights.
  • Specify contact information, other social networks, websites, etc.

Note: a working way to get more followers on Instagram is to use some paid services to increase Instagram free followers.

Don’t forget about hashtags

The good old hashtags still work great, just like they did at the dawn of Instagram. But it is important to use them correctly — gone are the days when it was possible to advance by simply supplying each post with kilometer long tags.

As needed:

  • Put only relevant hashtags — up to 30 are allowed, but 7-13 are enough.
  • Do not duplicate the same set of hashtags in each publication — this way you can run into spam.
  • Use hashtags in both posts and stories.

Experiment! From time to time use brand, trend marks, and launch challenges with your unique tags. Work with hashtags of different frequencies, and combine them.

Note: the hashtags must correspond to the subject of the publication — the thoughtless use of non-thematic tags will anger not only algorithms but also potential followers whose expectations you are going to deceive. You can use the hashtag generator, which will automatically select relevant hashtags for your post, for example, Toolzu.

Use geotags

The essence is the same as that of hashtags. Geotags also help to gain both 100 and 1000 Instagram followers — the main thing is to set them up correctly and understand what you are doing and for what. Here a lot depends on the niche and type of page (personal, branded, scope and scale of activity, market niche, etc.)

Implement advertising

This can be advertising from bloggers or targeted advertising. Both options are one of the most effective and, more importantly, completely legal ways to both gain followers on Instagram and successfully promote, and maintain user activity.

Having decided to advance through bloggers, decide on the format of cooperation — through various services and exchanges or directly. Everything is individual here, but try to protect yourself as much as possible.

Comment under posts on Instagram and other sites

The effect of comments can be if you actively express your point of view on the accounts of different personalities. You may use the best Instagram story viewer to follow some famous influencers stories. It is also advisable to write comments under photos of famous people because they have more coverage.

If you are interested in speaking out, you can collect a lot of likes under the comment, and it will be at the top. In this case, a lot of users will look at your page, and some of them will follow you.

You should also write comments under posts on other social networks and leave a link to your nickname. This works great if you talk about your experience or the service you used on sources of similar topics on your Instagram.


Be active, creative, and friendly. The main things are to develop a channel concept, a promotion strategy and be consistent, especially if you have big plans for Instagram and an account on this social network.

Good luck!


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