Online English Teacher in US

Do you want to earn money from home without spending time commuting or learning a new language? If yes, then an online English teaching career might be interesting for you.

English teachers are needed around the globe. Some schools even require their teachers to speak English fluently. There are also numerous opportunities to teach English abroad. But if you would like to become an online English teacher in the US, go on reading this article.

Requirements for a successful online English teaching career in the US

Online English Teacher in US

To be successful at becoming an online English teacher, you need to meet certain requirements, such as

  • Having a bachelor’s degree in ESL (English as a Second Language), master’s degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and/or a graduate degree in a related field.
  • You must be able to fulfil specified Internet speeds that are determined by each individual organization, regardless of where you apply.
  • You must also have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as education, communications, language arts, philology, literature or translation studies.

If you aspire to become an online English teacher, let’s have a look below at some of its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of being an online English teacher in the US


  1. You have the option of working from home.

One of the nicest aspects of online English teaching is that you can do it from the convenience of your own home! You don’t have to waste time getting to work on crowded public transportation; you can actually jump out of bed and begin to work — what a dream!

  1. You may work while travelling.

You can work while travelling in the same way that you can work from home if you bring the laptop along with you and have an internet connection. Many of our graduates have even taught online while travelling to supplement their income.

  1. No prior experience is required.

Have you recently finished your TEFL course in the US but have no prior teaching experience? Don’t be concerned! Virtually many online teaching companies do not demand experience, so you may begin teaching online right away!

  1. The initial investment is little.

Unlike teaching English overseas, where you must pay for your airfare, lodging, and permits, teaching English online requires very little initial investment. In fact, you most likely already have all of the necessary equipment in your home – win!


  1. Technology dependence can be tough at times.

We’ve all experienced how uncertain technology can be, commuting and completely reliant on the internet. The simplest solution to escape this and relieve tension is to have backup equipment on hands, such as a mobile hotspot or new headphones.

  1. Many businesses have rigid cancellation policies.

If you sign up for a class, you must teach it. Many agencies have tight cancellation restrictions, so cancelling your courses, even for medical reasons, might be tough. If you abandon an already-scheduled lesson, you may be charged a fee and may have difficulty gaining future reservations.

  1. Navigating time zones may be difficult.

Many of the larger online English schools cater mostly to Chinese students. It might be challenging to coordinate your schedule if you reside in the US.

  1. There are a few perks associated with online teaching contracts.

Unlike many school-based teaching contracts, which may include health insurance and pension payments, online teaching contracts seldom include any benefits.

The Bottom Line 

Overall, the benefits of teaching English online outweigh the disadvantages, but there are some things to consider before delving into the realm of digital online English teaching.


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