Science fiction is one of the most famous genres of shows when it comes to Netflix. With over a hundred different sci-fi shows, it can become difficult to decide which show you want to binge on at the moment. To help you with this, we have come up with a list of the best sci-fi shows on Netflix!

Black Mirror

What happens when Lars von Tiers meets the twilight zone? Black mirror, of course! This crazy show that follows the very real themes of the problems of the current world has become pretty famous on the platform and if you haven’t watched it yet, you are in for a ride!

With every episode being a different concept and story with different characters, the show explores various themes. Some episodes though, you will find are somewhat connected, hence creating the black mirror universe.

With high technology-related nightmares that often end pretty badly for the main characters (don’t worry, this is not a spoiler!), this sci-fi show on Netflix is perfect for those who want to watch a show without wanting to commit to the entire runtime of all the episodes.

The silent sea

This new addition to the genre comes from South Korea, and after the popularity of squid games during the pandemic, this show has gained a similar fan following. Set sometime in the future, the show follows a timeline where water is as expensive as diamonds and people around the world need to pay a lot of money to get access to drinking water.

During this chaos, a team of Astro scientists and astrologists are sent to the moon to retrieve a sample from the catastrophe that struck Balhe station where the previous space researchers died mysteriously. Filled with secrets of its own, the abandoned research facility becomes a nightmare for the team. Coming out alive, however, is not their only mission.

The sci-fi show on Netflix explores a pretty new plotline and is filled with twists and turns. With amazing actors and perfectly delivered character performances, The Silent Sea explores much more than just the abandoned facility- it explores a world we are headed to if we don’t stop climate change.

Altered carbon

Cancelled too soon, this show was due a third season before Netflix decided not to make it. However, this does not stop the fans from loving the first two seasons of this action-packed show.

Set in the futuristic city of Bay where people can store their consciousness and memories in a hard drive called the cortical stacks and can be reborn into new “sleeves”, dying seems impossible unless your stack is destroyed.

The series follows Takeshi Kovacs, who was once a soldier but turned into a mercenary. He is pulled out of the prison by the wealthy Laurens Bancroft, to find out who murdered Bancroft’s old sleeve.

The show has 2 seasons but was cancelled for the third season. However, a short film called Altered Carbon: Resleeved, was released shortly after the streaming of the second season.

Lost in space

We all know about the 1965 Lost in Space series- and now there is a reboot, with better graphics and better CGI! Set in 1965, the popular sci-fi series on Netflix follows the Robbinson family as they set out on a voyage to a new part of the galaxy where humanity has started its colonisation.

However, they are forced to evacuate their mothership after they crash land on an earth-like planet. However, the journey back to their ship is filled with intergalactic bumps along with a few robots.

With the third season just finished, the show has received pretty positive reviews and will make for a perfect binge on a weekend spent at home!


If you do not enjoy dark shows, this one is not for you. A seemingly easy-going mystery that takes a dark turn and has you questioning your existence, this sci-fi show on Netflix is not for everyone, despite how famous it is.

With time travel being its main theme, this German show is set in the small town of Winden, where children start going missing mysteriously when they are near a dark cave. What starts as a simple quest to find the missing children soon takes a dark turn when timelines start mixing and the lives of four families become increasingly tangled.

The short show pushed the boundaries of everything you would have expected it to be. With plot turns that could not have been guessed and a story that will leave you wondering for a long time, Dark is a sci-fi that borders on horror.

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