honor 9

Honor 9 has already reached a million units sold in just 28 days.

Yes that’s not a joke, Honor just did it.

Companies like Honor just deserve it.

Since some years they are producing some interesting products, like Honor 7, 8 at low prices, good specifications, design and quality.

Now with the new Honor 9 they achieved this new record and the company Business chief revealed it with a lot of excitement.

Why do chinese companies are so competitive?

Honor, Xiaomi, Huawei are just some OEMs which are getting more and more popular year after year but… why?

Most of their smartphones can provide awesome performance and they are also well built with nice design.

Ok, tons of other companies can provide this, what’s the real difference?

The price. 

(And I think that other words may be useless).

A little step back

Just 28 days from its launch and they already got some shipment problems, due to the high rate of request that brought their systems in not so good state.

Fortunately all has been fixed and shipments have returned to work as they should.

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Those million units may be just the ones sold in China, excluding Europe, so the numbers may be even higher.

Some specifications

We remind you that this new top of ray has a 5.15″ FULL-HD display, a Hisilicon Kirin 960 SoC, 4-6 GB RAM and 64-128 GB internal memory.
A double 20 and 18 megapixel rear camera and a frontal one with 8 megapixels.

Of course it has Android Nougat on it, powered by a 3.200 mAh not-removable battery.

Closing thoughts

Honor 9 can be a really good device, we suggest you take under control the major e-commerce websites and to take advantage of the sales coming in the next months as usual.


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