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Don’t get us wrong, switching on your favourite streaming platform and coming across new movies and shows can be exciting. However, there is no feeling truly like the nostalgic rush of turning on an old movie.

Even luckier if it displays on a live TV channel unexpectedly! Click here for TV aerial installations. It can be difficult to pinpoint the different movies that you once watched back in the day or growing up as a kid, so let us remind you!

Here are some of our personal favourite old films from the early 2000s!

Spy Kids (2001)

When Gregorio and Ingrid (two undercover spies) are captured and imprisoned, their children Carmen and Juni find out unexpectedly about their parent’s deepest secret after their home is attacked. The two kids then take on the mission to hunt down and release their parents and also protect the mysterious and in-demand “third brain” owned by their father.

With walking creatures made of thumbs, the film is nothing short of weird, yet entertaining, and is packed with action. One of the best comedy and adventure films of the 2000s so far if we do say so ourselves!

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl (2005)

Who could forget about young Taylor Lautner, especially when he was featured in a film as memorable and iconic as Sharkboy and Lavagirl! Teaming up with co-stars Taylor Dooley and Cayden Boyd, the film centers around a young imaginative boy’s dream journal which then adapts into a real-life fantasy.

Max (played by Boyd) finally meets his journal’s main characters, Sharkboy (Lautner) and Lavagirl (Dooley) when tornadoes form outside of his school and he embarks on the journey to Planet Drool to correct his selfish dreams. Let us tell you, life on Planet Drool is anything but normal, or easy to correct!

Mean Girls (2004)

Ahh, how could we forget about one of the best chick flicks from the early 2000s? We couldn’t! Wow, has it really been that long? It feels like just yesterday we were shouting “You go Glen Coco!” at our screens.

Focusing on the true reality of high school life and dominating cliques within, Mean Girls has some of the most iconic movie characters and scenes yet! But let’s face it, Cady Heron, portrayed by Lindsay Lohan, certainly doesn’t have the best time at her new high school, especially with “The Plastics” around.

The School of Rock (2003)

How could we forget to feature Mr. S on the list? Or the impersonator Dewey Finn shall we say? Times are tough for Dewey when he finds himself financially unstable and unsuccessful in his band as a guitarist.

When his roommate kicks him out, a phone call from a prep school could assist him with his difficulties. However, this entails actually being a teacher, when the problem is, he can’t teach! When a bright idea strikes him to turn the class into a rock band to compete in the Battle of the Bands competition, the preparation begins.

However, how easy will this be to hide from the parents of the kids and his surrounding colleagues? Check out one of the most hilarious old films from the early 2000s today to find out for yourself.

Robots (2005)

With a favoured cast including Ewan McGregor, Halle Berry, Amanda Bynes, and the legendary Robin Williams, this fun-loving, animated film was a hit when it was initially released in 2005. Who are we kidding? It still is! Following the life of a young, yet ambitious robot, Rodney, the film shows his complications and determination as a young inventor with a new project.

With companions by his side such as Fender, Cappy, and Lugnut, his journey to success is certainly not one to forget. If you are looking for an animated film to take you down memory lane, Robots is certainly where it’s at!

The Notebook (2004)

Well, if you are looking for a great love story or a long-winded cry perhaps, be sure to press play on The Notebook. When Allie and Noah first meet at a carnival, little do we know the love story that will develop throughout the film.

However, when they split due to social class issues, 365 days later, a new engagement, and a newly built house later, the pair are reunited again. But it is so much more than that! Trust us! This is not a romantic drama to be missed and will forever live on as a legacy.

Chicken Run (2000)

Let’s finish up with the oldest film on our list. The creators of Wallace and Gromit brought us the legendary Chicken Run which features none other than a bunch of chickens attempting to escape a vicious chicken farm.

Starring Rocky and Ginger, who develop a romantic bond, they hatch a plan that will avoid escaping to avoid the risk of their companions and themselves turning into chicken pies.

However, how easy will it be for them to escape the evil farm owners? Tune into one of the best old films from the early 2000s, we know that the suspense is killing you!


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