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Dakota Johnson is a cool actor who’s been in lots of different movies that you can watch on Netflix. This talented actress is known for her mesmerizing performances and versatile roles.

She began her career with small roles in movies like “Crazy in Alabama” (1999) where she played supporting roles. However, it was her breakthrough role in the “Fifty Shades of Grey” film series. Dakota Johnson has garnered attention not only for her acting but also for her fashion sense and public appearances.

Here’s a table listing some of Dakota Johnson’s notable movies available on Netflix.

Kindly take note that by the time you’ll be reading this article, some movies might have been removed from Netflix’s database, or simply removed from your region.
Movie Role Genre(s) IMDB Rating
1 The Social Network Amelia Ritter Biography, Drama 7.8
2 Fifty Shades of Grey Anastasia Steele Drama, Romance, Thriller 4.2
3 Cymbeline Imogen Drama 3.7
4 Date and Switch Em Comedy 5.7
5 How to Be Single Alice Comedy, Drama, Romance 6.1
6 A Bigger Splash Penelope Lannier Drama, Crime, Mystery 6.4
7 Persuasion Anne Drama, Crime, Mystery 5.8
8 Suspiria Susie Bannion / Mother Suspiriorum Fantasy, Horror, Mystery 6.7
9 The High Note Maggie Sherwoode Drama, Music, Romance 6.4
10 The Nowhere Inn Herself Comedy, Drama, Horror 5.7
11 Our Friend Nicole Teague Drama 7.3
12 The Lost Daughter Nina Ferrante Drama 6.7
13 Crazy in Alabama Sondra Comedy, Crime, Drama 6.2
14 The Five-Year Engagement Audrey Comedy, Romance 6.2
15 Goats Minnie Comedy, Drama 5.8

Let’s check out our seven recommended movies that you should totally watch-

1. Persuasion: A Modern Love Story

In this movie, Dakota Johnson plays a girl named Anne. She’s strong and smart, and she has to figure out love and other stuff. It’s based on an old story but in a new way.

2. Fifty Shades of Grey: A Romantic Adventure

Imagine a story about a girl named Anastasia who meets a mysterious guy named Christian. They fall in love, but there’s also some mysterious stuff going on. It’s a movie about love, passion, and secrets.

3. The Lost Daughter: A Movie About Feelings

Dakota Johnson is a mom in this movie, and she has feelings and memories that come back when she meets someone. It’s about being a mom and figuring out things about yourself.

4. The Social Network: A Movie About Facebook

This movie is about how Facebook started. Dakota Johnson isn’t the main character, but she’s there and it’s cool to see how things like Facebook began.

5. Wounds: A Scary Movie

Dakota Johnson and another guy get scared by strange things that happen after a bad event. It’s a movie that might give you chills, but it’s interesting to watch.

6. The Nowhere Inn: A Movie That Mixes Real and Not Real

In this movie, Dakota Johnson and a musician friend try to make a movie, but things get confusing because they act differently in the movie and in real life. It’s about how people can be different.

7. The High Note: Chasing Dreams

This movie is about a girl who wants to make music. Dakota Johnson plays a girl who helps her, and it’s nice to see them work together to make their dreams come true.

So, Dakota Johnson has been in lots of movies that you can watch on Netflix. You can pick the one that sounds the most fun to you and enjoy a good movie time!


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