Best 4G Smartwatches Review [2019]

The smartwatch can be considered as one of the companions of your smartphone. The productivity of the smartwatches is increased with the essential features with continuous pairing and sharing. The smartwatch does all the things what a watch and fitness band can do. The evolution of smartwatches has increased to a great extent in the recent years. A lot of tricks can be performed by these smartwatches like enabling your watch to search on the internet and tracking your GPS etc.

Best 4G Smartwatches Review [2019]

Now in this article, we are going to discuss the best 4G smartwatches which are available in world right now. So here we are listing the review of 7 best 4G supported smartwatches are as follows:

  1. Apple watch Series 3:

Apple watch Series 3

The Apple watch series 3 is considered as one of the best 4G smartwatches in 2019. This watch can not only track your fitness accurately without any obstacles but it also comes with an exclusive LTE supports that makes it unique and even more worthwhile. It comes with a design somewhat similar to Apple Watch 2 series but there are some internal changes.

It comes with a 1.65 inch screen along with a powerful dual core processor and 8GB internal storage. It is also resistant to water so you can wear this watch even when you are swimming. Your running speed can be navigated through the on-board GPS.

  1. Tic watchE:

This watch is completely loaded with multiple Android related features. There is a heart rate sensor with an accurate GPS and as Ticwatch is a new brand in the world of smartwatches. The devices comes with MTK MT26011 along with 4GB internal storage and 512 MB RAM. Not only this but all the basic fitness features are available onthis smartwatch and you need to carry your phone when you go for exercise.

  1. Samsung Gear S3:

Samsung Gear S3

The Gear S3 by Samsung gives a good competition to the other smartwatches of Apple. There is an intuitive interface in this smartwatch and includes a great activity tracking features and the watch also supports LTE features which is already pretty amazing feature to have.

This smartwatch is mostly regarded as one of the best 4G smartwatches in the market. It has a super AMOLED screen with intuitive controls. The GPS feature has brought this smartwatch in full form. It has an executive look compared to the gear S2 and the battery can last up to 3 days if it is completely charged. This smartwatch is compatible on iOs due to the changes made in this version.

  1. Fitbit Versa:

Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

This Versa comes in a smaller size when compared to the other smartwatches and also the price is cheaper. The storage capacity is about 2.5 GB and the battery can last for about 3 days when completely charged. The smartwatch is available at an affordable cost which you can buy right now. The design of this smartwatch is not premium like the other smartwatches.

  1. TiC watchS:

TiC watchS

This is a sophisticated smartwatch which has a budget price tag. The users of this smartwatch can really feel comfortable with its nice design. It comes with a 1.4 inch OLED screen that makes it exceptionally eye-pleasing. Although the features of this smartwatch are somewhat similar to that of the Ticwatch E. Just like its counterpart the Ticwatch S also comes with LTE support. It also has a thicker bezel, that makes it somewhat heavier in weight. It has an accurate GPS sensor inside its strap.

  1. Fitbit Ionic 4G Smartwatch:

Fitbit Ionic 4G Smartwatch

The Fitbit Ionic is one of the most elegantly designed smartwatch present in the market. It has a snappy interface. It comes with 1.4 inch display along with 2.5 GB of internal storage and is peculiarly resistant to water. There are many different tracking options present in the smart watchranging from weightlifting to swimming. Although this smartwatch is precede a little high. But, it offers features that are most likely the best any smartwatch can offer as of now along with some exceptional training and fitness options.

  1. Misfit Vapor:

Misfit Vapor 4G Smartwatch

The design and specifications of this smartwatch are really excellent an affordable cost. The vibrant AMOLED display is large with a thick design. The features of the active app in this smartwatch is limited to some extent. It also comes with an exceptional LTE support and if you are looking to purchase an attractive smartwatch then you can definitely try this watch. This watch has all the notification and basic fitness features but there is no Android Pay for this watch.

The display is very clear with a premium design. The OS software is also enhanced well in this smartwatch. There is a drop down in the price of this smartwatch after it has launched.

Final Words..

So, these were some of the best 4G Smartwatches that are available in the market. Although, each of them are exceptionally good in their own aspect, but always know everything you want from your watch and after confirmation go for the purchase. And most importantly don’t be afraid to try new things and brands as most of the people tend to stick with similar brands and eventually end up not using them at all.


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