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The PUBG has revolutionized the Indian gaming industry, and a huge boom was seen in the E-Sports fan following. But unfortunately, PUBG was banned in India the parent company of PUBG has decided to launch the Indian version of PUBG only and only for India. Thus the company launched Battle Grounds Mobile India, popularly known as BGMI.

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The game was a hit, and millions of gamers in India love this game. Many gamers made their careers by playing and streaming BGMI gameplay on popular streaming platforms and Youtube. Today we will discuss some of India’s best and most popular BGMI players.


Jonathan or Jonathan Jude Amaral is one of the best BGMI players in India. He is also very popular among gamers and the gaming community. He gained popularity after winning PMCO-Fall Split: South Asia and PMIS 2020. Gaming fans love his game control, wise actions through the gameplay, perfect shits and throws, and sensitivity.

Jonathan is quite active on Youtube and streams his gameplay frequently. His channel has more than 2.5 million subscribers. The best thing about Jonathan is he has won Most Valuable Player Trophy in PMWL-2020 two times.


The popularity of Mavi also known as Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh, is not hidden from anyone. Mavi is called the best IGL-cum-assaulter by his fans, and no one can beat him in this context. He is one of the most popular and known members of Orange Rock. This pro player is also known for making Orange Rock win PMPL Spring Split-2020 South Asia and ESL-India Primiership’20.

Mavi also streams his gameplay on Youtube and has more than 1 million subscribers. He is perfect in everything during the gameplay and thus leads Orange Rock in all major events.


Another new gamer who has proved his capabilities several times at the international level. His real name is Vivek Aabhas Horo, and ClutchGod is very famous in the gaming community. He is a member of GodLike eSports and took his team to the finals of various mega-events. Not only in finals, but he also has to lead his team to win various prestigious trophies and titles.

This BGMI player remains calm even in tense situations, and his cool state of mind helps him, and his team beat opponents easily. He mainly plays the IGL role and is active on Youtube. He currently has around 450K subscribers.


ScOut is one of the most famous gamers in India. The real name of ScOut is Tanmay Singh, who has also represented Kolkata at national football events. ScOut is also known for his sarcastic and controversial remarks. However, he is an expert in PUBG and BGMI is one of the finest BGMI players in India. He has won and represented India in various national and international mega events like PMCO-Spring Split, PMWL, PEL, etc.

ScOut is also famous by the name-Comback Criminal in the gaming community and among fans. He has a great influence on Youtube and his gameplays receive millions of views. The subscriber count of his Youtube channel is around 4.1 million.


Snax or Raj Snax Verma has gained popularity in very less time due to its lethal DP sprays and weapons. He is now considered the rising superstar in the Indian BGMI community. Raj is also popular as DP king, and his DP+4X is the deadliest among all BGMI players. This player shares various tips and tricks about the game, especially related to attack and assault, which are loved by hundreds and thousands of game lovers.

Raj Verma also represents TeamIND and has won Streamer’s Battle event. His Youtube channel has around 1 Million followers, and he is very active on Youtube.


When it comes to the Indian gaming community, especially, BGMI Vexe always tops the chart. The real name of Vexe is Arth Trivedi, and he has become popular instantly after showing his skills in PMPL. He is known as one of the best assaulters and is increasing his fan base rapidly. He is now a member of Orange Rock. Vexe streams his gameplays on Youtube and shares a lot of useful information about the game.

His youtube channel has around 200K subscribers. The gamer continuously improves his skills and has already outperformed various professional players.


When it comes to the Indian gaming community, Mortal is the most popular name. He is the most admirable and respected gamer in India and has represented India at an International level many times. He is a professional gamer and remains highly active on Youtube. His real name is Naman Mathur, and his Youtube Channel Mortal has over 7 million subscribers.

Mortal loves to play the role of assaulter; however, he also plays as IGL. He is known for his silent and cool attitude. He plays every game perfectly with excellent coordination of mind and controls.


Abishek Choudhary, popularly known as ZGod, is one of the youngest and most popular BGMI players in India. He was Ex TSM member, but now he is a member of GodLike eSports. As a support attacker, he has lifted his team from tense situations several times and helped win various titles. He has shocked everyone by becoming the 2nd loftiest fragger in PMCO 2019 South Asia.

ZGod plays his role exceptionally well and has improved a lot. He doesn’t remain active on Youtube but uploads special videos once or twice a month. Due to its popularity and skills, it still has more than 400K subscribers.


Asphreet Gill Singh, or simply GiLL, is one of the finest BGMI players in India. Known for his assaulting skills, GiLL has earned his name and fame very quickly. He is one of the best assaulters and has shown his assaulting skills in winning lost matches several times. Currently, he is a member of Orange Rock.

Gill has also been recognized as the best fragger in various mega events and has maintained this position. GiLL also has a Youtube channel, but he has uploaded videos lately. He has more than 200K subscribers.


Manemmt Sigh, also known as TED, is another famous BGMI player in India. TED has been a member of various popular teams and Squads like Team SynerGE, Red Own Gaming, etc. He has shown his capabilities many times as an assaulter.

His shots, throws, and quick action make him popular among fans. He is improving his skills continuously.


So here are the best BGMI players in India. All of them are excellent players and have a huge fan following. The best part is all are versatile layers and play various international events. Some of them also represented India at the global level and won prestigious titles.


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