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The cryptocurrency market is rapidly developing, bringing more and more promising projects that help integrate blockchain into real-world life and facilitate many processes in real-world’s interaction (logistics, money transfers, etc.). One such up-and-coming project is WINkLink. It is a decentralized oracle developed on the Tron blockchain. The oracle bridges the real world with the digital space, providing a reliable way of smart contacts execution through robust data feeds. Furthermore, developers can use WINkLink to connect information from the real world with blockchain technology.

The native currency of WINk Link is WIN. As of mid-September 2022, the cryptocurrency price is $0,0001092. The WINkLink crypto is engineered based on the Tron blockchain. It serves as a utility token used to incentivise developers and expand the platform itself.

Application cases for the WIN token:

  • Payment. Developers can pay WINkLink tokens and receive reliable data.
  • In turn, nodes receive rewards in WIN for providing data.

Crypto analysts draw WIN crypto price prediction; let’s see what it looks like.

Forecast for WIN Cryptocurrency Price

WINkLink is a reliable network that constantly works on the improvement of user experience. Experts believe the WIN cryptocurrency price could reach $0,000705 by the end of 2023.

If the project keeps on technological development and progress and concludes successful partnerships, the price can reach $0,00092 by the end of 2024.

We recommend learning the project thoroughly before investing in it. Keep in mind that investment always implies risk.

The WIN crypto is available on the WhiteBIT platform, where you can buy it with fiat, trade, swap, or just hold. The platform offers an additional educational resource – White Blog, where you can learn much more about new coins emerging in the market as well as young and promising projects that are worth attention. On the White BLog, you will also find loads of helpful guides on trading.


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