Xiaomi Xprint Portable Bluetooth AR printer is very impressive lightweight and useful device for learners, office goers and business person to carry where ever they go. You can get beautiful images in mere seconds from your mobiles photos instantly. Without any hassle, we can use this compact and comfortable portable Bluetooth AR printer.

Xiaomi Portable Bluetooth AR Printer

This cute portable device has a smooth, pure white colored body. On its side, there is a power button. Its printouts may surprise your friends, and other close hearts by seeing the printouts instantly.

 Key features at a Glance:

  • Compact Design.
  • AR technology.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Fastest connectivity.
  • Connected using Bluetooth, or NFC.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Tracking speed of 120 frames per seconds.
  • The responsetime is less than 280 milliseconds.

Built and Design:

Built and Design

The Xiaomi Xprint printer weighs about 280 g which is very easy to carry everywhere. This printer can be easily held on our hands. It is also so compact to have in our pocket. The size of the product is 13.30x 8.00×2.70 cm or 5.24×3.15×1.06 inches. This size makes us more comfortable with using it everywhere.


This device has a rechargeable battery and has battery type Li-ion battery,and the capacity of the battery is 650 mAh to take the most beautiful photos printouts anywhere and at any time. It is also provided with power bank charging device.

AR technology:

Xiaomi Xprint AR Technology

The AR technology helps the photos to view in the real world environment. Tracking accuracy of this device is 0.5 pixel. We can also move our picture. We can upload any video while printing our photos. This printer also supports cloud association. We can enjoy and have fun with AR picture technology at any time and in every place.


The connectivity of this Xiaomi printer is one of the best and the easiest way for the usage. This printer can be connected easily to the mobile via Bluetooth. XPRINT helps to transfer the data photos using Bluetooth without disconnecting the WI-FI connection. This device also supports the NFC touch connection, where there is NFC Connectivity reduces no manual matching work needed which takes more time for connectivity. This printer works with Android 5.0.


The printing speed of the printer is 60 pages per second. This device response within 0.28 seconds and this printer can track 120 frames per seconds.

Paper box & Printing ink:

This Xiaomi printer consists of one piece paper box. The paper box is without ink and can change quickly. Color tapes and one piece miniaturization of photographic paper designs reduce the distance between the paper and the print head.


The quality of the printing is apparently one of the best or excellent output of Xiaomi printer.The pictures are printed at a reasonable resolution of max.291×294 dpi. The printer is supported with KYOCERA print head technology and has the print head accuracy of 0.087 mm.

This printer gives out perfectly sized passport and Ids so that we can save our time and avoid finding out the Photoshop to take printout immediately. This is also used for the students to do their project works with very excellent photo presentations in their schools as well as colleges. The travelers can get the photos immediately even during their journey or trip. Printing photos are just the matter of seconds. The compact body shows the colorful images or picture for us. There are about 16 million colors used.

Printout photos:

The photo which we print is water, light, air, ultraviolet ray, fingerprint and scratch resistant. The picture which has taken will not fade and last for a decade. There is a transparent film on the surface of the photo to avoid all the damages caused accidentally.

DNP photographic paper:

This AR printer is provided with the Japanese imported DNP photographic paper which makes the photos to last longer. There is fully automatic costing technology which will not allow the images to smudge, run or blot because prints are dried immediately and ready to touch as soon as they leave the printers.

Pros and Cons


  • Decent built
  • Powerful camera specifications


  • A bit pricey
  • Slightly fragile to outer damages


People, those who are crazy about taking photos and always want the printout in the matter of second can enjoy using Xiaomi Xprint Portable Bluetooth AR Printer. It is a capable device that can print photos quickly and without any hassle. We can connect it to any smartphones or even connectit with your friends or family members smartphones to take photo printouts easily. DNP photographic paper is the best way to keep our photos for the more extended period. All in all, this is very easy and effective to use the Xiaomi printer which provides flexibility and best performance.

When we compare this with other large or conventional printers, this compact white beauty portable printer makes lots of wonders, fun and long lasting photos of our memorable moments.


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