Xiaomi is basically a Chinese electronics company with a well-established headquarter in Beijing. Its main work is to develop and invest in electronic devices i.e. Smartphone, Laptop, Mobile applications, Tablet Computers, Smart TV, etc and Lei Jun is denoted as the founder of this successful company.

Xiaomi was founded out around 8 years ago on 6th of April in 2010. Its first phone was released back in August of 2011 and by 2014 Xiaomi managed to achieve the title of largest smartphone company in world. Xiaomi serves at worldwide scale and its current revenue in 2018 is around 21.5 Billion US Dollar.

Xiaomi is currently doing pretty well in the market with their latest phones like – NOTE 5 PRO, REDMI 6, etc. Xiaomi has a perfect phone available for every budget. Some of the characteristics due to which Xiaomi smartphones has created hype in market are –

Reason For the Rise of Xiaomi in Smartphone industry

Xiaomi Headquarter in Beijing, China


  • Excellent battery back-up – the first most benefit of having a Xiaomi smartphone is that they come with excellent battery back-up. Even the cheapest smartphone of the Xiaomi serves at least 3000Mah battery back-up which is pretty much remarkable. Apart from just good battery back-up; the charging speed of Xiaomi is also pretty good. The option of fast charging is only available in higher models; anyhow the cheap models also get charged pretty fast.
  • Camera – another reason to prefer a Xiaomi smartphone over other is the camera quality. It does not matter that either it’s the affordable smartphone or flagship, Xiaomi has always served a camera with excellent quality in every single mobile. The recently launched MI5 has optical image stabilizer in it that we usually find in expensive smartphones like iPhone.
  • Regular updates – Xiaomi Company consists of a number of groups with great contributors and developers from all around the world. Therefore the software in mobiles is updated regularly. Every single update comes along with new features, bugs fixing and improvements. Apart from it, Xiaomi also serves MIUI updates for their older phones to ensure that the software never gets outdated.

Upcoming smartphones of Xiaomi

Most Anticipating Smartphones in 2019
Most Anticipating Smartphones in 2019!

The newly introduced smartphone of Xiaomi has always created hype in the market with its launching update as per introduction of new technology, better features, etc in each phone with time. Here are some of the upcoming Xiaomi smartphones in the market which are highly awaited by technology lovers –

1# Xiaomi MI8 Pro

this Xiaomi phone comes with Android v8.1 (Oreo) version and 2.8 GHz Octa Core processor. It has 6 GB of RAM with 128 GB storage space (RAM and ROM can differ in accordance with different model available). The front camera is of 20 megapixels i.e. perfect for selfie lovers. The best part about this phone is that comes along with quick charging option in this fast world. The price of this phone is around $500.

2# Xiaomi Redmi Note 6

this specific model of Xiaomi is a budget-friendly coming with Android v8.0 and 1.8 GHz octa-core processor. The RAM and ROM specifications of this phone are 3 GB and 32 GB respectively (RAM and ROM can differ in accordance with different model available). The camera quality of it would be pretty good as it comes with 8 MP of front camera and 12 MP of rear camera. In addition to it the battery back-up is also pretty good with 4000 mAh battery; anyhow there is no quick-charging option in it as per its pricing in the market. The expected price range of this phone is around $150.

3# Xiaomi Black Shark 2

The Xiaomi Black shark 1 has competed well in the market and therefore Xiaomi has decided to launch Black shark 2 in the market. This expected price for this model is around 34,000 INR. It has 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of expected storage (RAM and ROM can differ in accordance with different model available). It comes with a 4,000 mAh battery installed in it with quick charging option. Hence now, there would be no need to stick around the charger or power bank all day. The processor of it would be 2.8 GHz Octa-core and android version would be v8.1 (oreo).

4# Xiaomi MI Note 4

it is one of the most awaited Xiaomi phone in the market with an expected price somewhere around $400-$500. As per latest updates; it would be coming along with 2.2 GHz Octa-core processor and v8.0 android version. The RAM and ROM properties of this device are stated to be 4GB and 64 GB (RAM and ROM can differ in accordance with different model available). The only drawback of this phone which has come across till now is that it does not offer the option of quick charging which is not justice to its pricing.

Above mentioned details can help you in getting information about Xiaomi and its world of smartphones. With it, you can find some details about the current smartphones and some upcoming ones.


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