WhatsApp is the one of the most popular messaging app in the market as it’s super easy and super fast to used. This Facebook owned app releases new updates time to time for its users, to make their life easier. WhatsApp tests its new features beforehand on its Beta Version before launching the final update.


Here, I will introduce you to some super cool features which will be soon available in latest update or if you can’t wait till next update you can download WhatsApp Beta and become a beta tester. How cool is that now??

#1 Select All

By using this Select all option, you can quickly select all chats and mark them read or delete them. You can also use this option to archive all chats at once.

Now quickly select all chats at once!!

This option has been added in the action bar button, present on the top right corner of the main screen. Just tap the action bar and tap Select all to quickly maintain your chats.

#2 Live Location

This is a very important feature which WhatsApp rolled out for its Windows Phone beta users. Now you can easily share your Live Location in chats or groups. This feature is secured with end-to-end encryption, so no third person can see it.

You can also set for how much time you want to share your location and also quickly stop sharing it or even delete a Live Location. To share it follow given steps-

Open a Chat > Tap Attach icon > Tap Share Live Location > Choose Time > Tap Send Icon

#3 Media Visibility

Decide whether you want WhatsApp media in Gallery or not!

If you are tired of annoying images or videos in your Gallery, then this feature will definitely solve your problem. The Media Visibility feature allows its users to decide whether they want WhatsApp media content in their gallery or not. Here is how to use it-

Tap action bar > Settings > Data and Storage usage > Media Visibility

#4 Account Information Feature

In this new feature you can ask for the report of your account information, excluding messages. You can share this report with another app. WhatsApp creates report in three days and it can be downloaded easily then.

Go to Settings > Account > Tap Request Account Info

#5 Click to Chat

Sometimes we get involved in a one-time conversation and it is very annoying to save unnecessary numbers. With this feature you can now send messages to numbers which are not saved in your contact list. You can use this feature by creating a link and easily chat with an unsaved number.

#6 Group Audio Calls

WhatsApp is testing this feature for its iOs users. This feature will be similar to current audio call feature but will allow its users to enjoy group audio calls similarly like conference call feature in normal calls.

#7 Locked Voice Feature

Until now if you wanted to send a voice recording, you need to hold an icon inside chat. But with this feature now you can easily send a voice note with your hands being free. Here is how to use it-

Select the Chat > Hold microphone icon for 0.5 seconds > Slide the icon in the direction of Lock icon > Release yor finger and start recording.

However, there are certain limitations with this feature like you can’t perform any other action on WhatsApp while using this feature.



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