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Smart watches could be as successful as Smartphones. Of course Yes! If These Hurdles Are Dealt With

1# Improvement in Battery Life

Improvement in Battery Life

First, there are remaining technological hurdles, such as powering the devices. Batteries will need to be 5-10 times smaller than those in smartphones, requiring innovation in cell materials such as silicon anodes and packaging – such as Apple’s work on flexible batteries.

2# Need of Better Display

Need of Better Display

Then there is a need for better displays. Both Apple and Samsung have been working on curved glass – Samsung is investing more than $6 billion on displays this year alone, and has already launched some curved mobile devices, hopefully, this technology could be integrated to smart watches someday.

3# Need More User-Friendly Smartwatches

User-Friendly Smartwatches

There’s also the fact that wearing a device is not quite the same as the carrying one. For one thing, it has to be stylish, developing a mobile interface for wristwatches and heads-up displays require lots of experimentation, the best way, is to build “living laboratories” where more and more people use them in everyday life.

The most important thing, right now, is to reduce the time between the user’s intention to perform a task and the user’s action to complete that task.

4# Need less Dependency on Smartphones

Dependency on Smartphones

But even if the above hurdles are overcome, just how useful is a wearable device going to be? Finding a role or a use for wearable electronics is the central question facing the industry today.

Right now the most appealing prospects are as a “slave” to the smartphone or tablet, where the wearable devices collect data from the user’s body or environment and relay it to the smartphone. The smartphone acts as a gateway to the Internet to process this information and merge it with other data before feeding it back to the device.

Cracking the nut

Which means that whoever cracks the nut of a mass market wearable device is less likely to be a pure hardware maker than a broader-based company.


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