Modern technology allows individuals to do anything they want, and smartphones have become the easiest way to take advantage of the latest advancements. With millions of smartphone applications available today, there is no shortage of options to keep you entertained and engaged.

It’s no secret that most young people own smartphones and are constantly seeking ways to have fun, be entertained, and experience unique forms of happiness. These Ai Cloth Remover apps have gained popularity as they offer a means of enjoying mature entertainment for free, while also allowing users to explore interesting concepts related to human appearance.

10 Best See-Through Clothes Apps

While it may sound unbelievable, we are here to provide you with information about some of the best see-through clothes apps for Android and iOS. These apps can add an extra element of excitement and create lasting memories when used with friends. Let’s dive in.

1# X-Ray Body Scanner

X-Ray Body Scanner

If you are looking for a full body see through clothes app, this app is for you. It is a very popular X-ray app, and you can easily make anyone surprised with its top-notch imaging.

This app shows clear and real-looking scanned images of the human body, making it difficult for others to believe. The app lets you choose the body part for scanning, or you can even scan the whole body. The best part about this app is its body scanning which looks realistic.

2# Body Scanner

Body Scanner

It is another very popular see through clothes app for Android. The app has a huge database of images ensuring the perfect scanner image of a human’s body.

Body scanner app easily shows what’s inside the body, i.e., the skeleton. You can also select the feature to make the fabric transparent, displaying the private body parts.

The app is highly recommended if you want to annoy your friends. The app is easy to use and has high-definition real, looking scanned images.

3# Super Xray

super xray app

Super Xray is undoubtedly the best see through clothes app for iOS. Hundreds of thousands of users have already used this app. As its name implies, it gives you a supernatural power to see inside a human’s body.

The app is known for its detailed scanning, and thus, it provides highly accurate and realistic scanned images. You can scan any part of the body, and the app will provide the exact scanned images instantly.

This app also supports real-time video capturing to make the visuals more appealing and real.

4# Xray Cloth Scanner -Camera App

Xray Cloth Scanner -Camera App

Xray cloth scanner is one of the highly rated see through clothes apps for Android. The reason behind its popularity is high-quality scanned images and real-time body scanning.

The best thing is you can even scan a few inches of any body part, and it will show the exact scanned image.

The app also allows you to see the skin underneath the clothes, and it will hide the selected part of the cloth, only making it look real. You don’t have to select anything. Just scan, and you are all done.

5# X-Ray Scanner Body

see through app

Another popular and simple see through clothes app for iOS. X-Ray Scanner Body is a great app if you want to view a nude human body. The app allows you to clearly see through clothes, and this will make your friends worry.

The app works really like an X-Ray imaging tool and shows a clear body. You can also view the human skeleton making your friends believe in you. The app lists several body parts to offer the exact scanned image.

6# X-Ray Ghost Scanner

X-Ray Ghost Scanner

This is one of the best and most entertaining apps. As its name implies, it predicts paranormal activities using your phone sensors and allows you to scan ghosts.

It can display an imaginary cloth that can’t be seen normally, and then it scans the cloth and shows there is someone beneath that cloth.

Ghost scanner is a funny app with great and realistic visuals. It can make anyone fear paranormal activities nearby. The app is very simple yet effective.

7# Naked — 3D Home Body Scanner

Naked — 3D Home Body Scanner

If you are looking for something real, Naked is the best option. It almost functions like a real 3D scanner application. As its name signifies, it helps you look at yourself naked.

This naked scanner app functions uniquely through a sensor and displays a 3D-scanned image of your body. The scanned image is almost accurate; you can view it from different angles.

The app allows you to perfectly measure your body dynamics and physical standards like height, chest size, waist size, etc. The app performs every measurement accurately and automatically.

8# Body image filtering

Body image filtering

Body image filtering is interesting and simple to use the app. The app contains several body types, both male and female. All you have to do is put a camera on a person and select a body type that matches their personality.

The app will automatically generate a nude picture making the person believe you are using an X-Ray scanning device. The images are of high definition, and they perfectly fit the body type making them look accurate.

9# Girl Xray Scanner Body Scanner

Girl Xray Scanner Body Scanner

Girl Xray Scanner Body Scanner is a modern and advanced see through clothes app. The app comes with tons of features. Firstly it allows you to see any body part beneath the cloth.

It comes with real filters allowing you to accurately match the body part of any person. It also works realistically. You just have to wipe the cloth with your fingers, and it will show the inner body parts.

You can also scan the body’s internal structure, like bones, tissues, joints, etc. The app also displays a 3D body model, ensuring total satisfaction.

10# Prank scanner: Body Scanner

Prank scanner app

It is another popular and modern scanning or see through cloth app. The app allows you to scan different body parts.

They have separate images for every body part, ensuring perfect and accurate match and ultimately realistic view.

You can also get a skeleton view of the body, including a 3D model. You will get options like male or female, front or back and upper or lower to immediately get the exact scanned image.


So these are the best see through clothes apps for Android and iOS. All these apps are safe and legal to use because all of them are simulators and are developed only for entertainment and fun. However, they will give you a real feel of a scanning device and make your friends think twice before coming in front of your phone. You can choose any of them because all are free, easy to use and, most importantly, light.


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