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Best Portable Printer 2020

Top 10 Best Portable Photo Printers (Pocket Sized) [2022 Edition]

A few years back, when someone wanted to take instant pictures they used to buy a Polaroid camera but the biggest drawback with a...
Turn OFF Instagram Ads

How to Turn off Ads on Instagram?

Instagram was once an uninterrupted social networking platform that shall allow you to scroll for feeds, and stories without any Ads involved. In fact,...

How to disable two-step verification on Amazon

While the world is inclining towards digital transformation, it is imperative that the websites, the credentials, and the accounts needs to be secured. With...

How to Check Login Activity on Instagram?

One of the sensational social media platforms that are being used is Instagram. As with other social media platforms, there is a possibility that...
Youtube Skip ads

How To Get Rid Of Ads on YouTube?

YouTube, as a free-to-use service is more sought after by users to watch videos as per their requirements. Of course, it is one of...
Stop Youtube Notifications

How To Stop YouTube Notifications of Recommended videos?

Disabling the YouTube notifications becomes inevitable if you would like to watch specific videos of your choice. Of course, a YouTube enthusiast will like...
Disable Youtube shorts

3 Ways to Remove YouTube Shorts permanently [2022]

With increase in popularity of TikTok, Google company had introduced a new feature of Shorts in its YouTube app. Because of its short video...

The Best free OCR Scanner App for Android and iOS

One of the most rapidly growing technologies around the world is OCR. Optical Character Recognition is a specific technology on the basis of which...
TWS Earbuds under 500

7 TWS Earbuds under 500 Rs in India

The music is always the best solution to stress and in today's rushing world melody can give us the utmost comfort and relaxation. And...

7 TWS Earbuds under 1000 Rs in India

An increase in competition results in better product quality and low pricing and this is what we are seeing in the gadget industry. With...
SAP Certified Application Associate

SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP C_S4PPM_1909 Portfolio and Project Management

In this article, we will take a look at the factors that make SAP a good career option. Some Corporate Facts About SAP A...
Soundbar under 5000

Top 7 Soundbar under 5000 Rs in India

The television sets are designed in such a way that the visual aspects are given more priority. Incidentally, the speakers are usually placed at...
Soundbar under 2000

Top 7 Budget Friendly Soundbar under 2000 Rs

You need a soundbar even if you own an expensive TV at home. Yes, the audio quality of the Television sets is not always...

Is Soundbar Worth buying in India?

If you own a TV and feel that the audio quality is not what you expect, then Soundbar is the best solution to get...

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