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The race for AI bots is at another level, and every major company wants to win this race. Well, this race is not going to end soon because, every day, companies are launching new AI bots and tools to dominate the AI race. In this interesting series of launches, tech giant Meta has introduced a new AI bot: Code Llama. Now, as its name implies, it will help you in coding and other technical tasks. While Meta claims this will greatly help IT engineers and programmers, let’s understand how it will give competition to ChatGPT.So let’s get into it.

Meta’s Official Info On Code Llama

What Is Code Llama?

Code Llama is a new AI-powered tool launched by Meta. The tool is based on Meta’s latest language model, Llama 2, and the company will launch multiple variants of it in the future. We all know how ChatGPT is assisting new programmers in writing code, so to compete with OpenAI, Meta has launched Code Llama. You will find multiple variants or sizes of this AI tool, and every variant is specialized for different categories, sizes, and complexity of the problem.

More specifically, there is a base version for normal tasks, a Python version for Python code only and a natural language processing version for standard English instructions. The best thing is Code Llama is free to use, and most importantly, anyone can use it.

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How will Code Llama help programmers?

Code Llama is an advanced AI tool based on LLM, offering multiple use cases. Firstly, it will help new programmers to write complete code after receiving input strings. The tool will generate blocks of code as per the input, and ultimately, you can combine these blocks to create a complete application or software.

The tool will also help professionals write well-structured, clean and, most importantly, efficient code. If you have knowledge about coding, you can use this tool in the best way possible. From increasing your productivity to efficiency and lowering workload to errors, the tool will be a game changer for engineers.

Lastly, this tool will help engineers in debugging, and we all know how difficult and time-consuming debugging is. Moreover, it will educate developers regarding best coding practices, ensuring clean, scalable and well-documented code. It is compatible with all major programming languages, and you can also get help related to highly complex tasks like automation and even research-related work.


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