Chinese brand Oukitel which is known for its rugged smartphones has currently teased its upcoming rugged phone called Oukitel WP2 in a video. This smartphone is successor of company’s original rugged phone, the K1000 Max.

This device is marked as a tri-proof smartphone like the previous phones K10000 Max and WP5000. WP2 will come with IP68 certification and will be dust-proof and shock proof as well. This display of this phone will be protected by Corning Gorilla Glass for the tough screen. And the most remarkable feature will be its massive 10,000mAh battery like K10000 Max.

WP2 combines Polystyrene Ebonite and Polyethylene Flexible Glue which exceptionally protects the device from water, scratches, drops and bumps of daily use. The video released by company shortly shows the tri-proof qualities of it. According to Oukitel, the device will be launched around end of August.

As this is a rugged device specially designed for people working outdoors or in harsh conditions we can expect that it will feature all the necessary specs for tolerating such environments. Currently there is no information regarding the hardware and other specs but it will be surely available in the coming weeks. This phone is surely giving us high hopes so lets wait what more it it has to offer, until than stay tuned!


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