Continuing through the K10 that has a battery of 11000 mAh, the builder Oukitel is all set to launch a new smartphone named Oukitel K7. The device comes with a big capacity battery,precisely with 10000 mAh, which will offer excellent battery life. As for design, it will not be a continuance of preceding models but will have an actually gorgeous new look.

Oukitel K7 4G Smartphone

The Chinese Company Oukitel decided to make a budget smartphones much more attractive. To do this, they studied all the trends in the design of phones in the marketplace and supplemented them by several exciting “chips.” Though, it is clarified by the presence of an enormous battery of 10000mAh, with which the device is prepared to function up to 15 hours of dynamic screen time. The 6-inch OGS- panel itself executes a resolution of 2160×1080 pixels, decent contrast,and brightness, adequate for the prominence of the image on a sunny day. Below is an in-depth review of the Oukitel K7.


Oukitel K7 Design

The design of the OUKITEL K7 has been enhanced,and now the phone looks simpler and more elegant. Look of the newness raises delight. Hero review refers to the regular price segment, but the blend of the double photograph module, a fingerprintscanner, rear leather, metal and edging fashioned display by aspect proportion of 18: 9 creates the exterior of the device in the current Flagship. Only a large thickness of the case can slightly disappoint the purchaser.

Its framework is made of magnesium alloy which together with the details described above, create the design is simple however elegant.


oukitel k7 Smartphone

Oukitel K7 has enhanced its design with more straight forwarding addition to elegant lines. Unlike the K10000 Pro that had a screen with a vertical pane. And the K10 had a prismatic curve. But, the K7 will have 2.5D curved design on both sides. As in preceding models, the K7 will embrace as material to cover the rear cover, real calf leather that will offer a great touch, however, a unique design.


The device comes with an outdated processor. It has the MediaTek MT6750T processor along with 4 GB RAM. On the GPU’s end, it has the Mali T860MP2 which is suitable for demanding video games properties. Although other applications and the interface of fresh Android Oreo work quickly and smoothly.

The amount of internal storage offered here is 64GB, and theSLOT for Micro SD- card is also available. Thus, to store a collection of music and video device is more than suitable.


Camera Review of Oukitel K7

The Oukitel K7 comes with the pair of two 16 megapixels and 5 megapixels rear cameras, which is praiseworthy against the backdrop of the onslaught from enemies. The color duplicate is close to natural, the quantity of noise actually affects the insight of photography merely in the evening shooting which is not bad.

In addition to the rear camera, it also boasts an 8-megapixel front shooter. Therefore, we got maximum productive, and gorgeous, camera which is consistentevery time.


This device would house an internal non-removable 10000mAh li-polymer battery, which assures a one-week battery life. The approach of Oukitel is to attain the maximum possible battery life in this Oukitel K7, which is not merely based on its extensive battery volume. Here you not only get a battery life of one week, but the software is also optimized for better battery optimizations. Precisely, we are talking about an energy saving scheme with which, you can lengthen the life of this deviceby several days.

Pros and Cons


  • Humongous battery power.
  • Power-packed Hardware
  • Decent Display


  • Not so good camera
  • Takes very long to charge.

Release Date

The Oukitel K7 gambles for a very cautious design in which special courtesy has been paid to the particulars of its finish and excellence materials such as leather, attaining an outstanding balance among elegance and functionality because of its excellent performance and the great work of compaction that has been carried out to get a battery of similar size in a smartphone.It is anticipated to be accessible by the end of May or the start of the year, to distinguish more about the K7, we must be alert to the official Oukitel website.

Final words..

The Oukitel K7 bets for an actual careful design in which special courtesy has been paid to the particulars of its finish and quality ingredients such as leather, attaining an excellent balance amongst elegance and functionality because of its excellent performance and the great work of compaction that has been carried out to acquire a battery of similar size in a smartphone.

Taking the fact that it actually has a 10000mAh battery into account that can last you until a whole week. The Oukitel K7 actually tops the list of smartphones with latest features and unusual features. With such amazing features and little drawbacks, the Oukitel K7 is the best if you want a fantastic life saver with massive battery life.



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