Are you getting bored or feeling low? Are you desperate for some boost or a quick upswing? Well, I can help turn on your mood and lift your spirits with a simple answer- Movies.

Movies are an important aspect of entertainment in one’s life. They can provoke numerous types of feelings in us. They can bring us to chuckle, groan and even motivate us to live our dream. While there are several genres in films such as action, humor, scary, suspense, etc., but the abundant extraordinary ones are the motivational storylines.

Bollywood has blessed us with so many life-altering stories and biopics. You can binge-watch them and delve into a world of assortment.  Inspirational movies show feelings like affection, endurance, and enthusiasm.

Here I have come up with the 10 most inspirational and Motivational Bollywood Movies for you.

1. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is a heart-touching and inspirational movie released in 2011. The story revolves around 3 friends: Kabir, Imran, and Arjun. When one of them( Kabir ) got engaged they decided to have a vacation trip or bachelor party to Spain.

The outing spins into an alternative to fix up barriers, heal scars, slide in passion with life, and withstand their terrible anxieties.

The Movie is the most valuable and perfect salutation to the friendship as when they were on their journey they faced many difficulties which were faced by them together. Some other important teachings and lessons that could be derived from this movie are that trust your friends and friendship cannot be based on background or any kind of discrimination.

2. Iqbal

Iqbal is an Indian coming-of-age sportive era that was released in 2005. The story is all about a farmer’s son who is uncommunicative and deaf. He lives in a small Indian village with the desire to be a player in the Indian National Cricket team.

When his father come to know about his dream he did not agree as he thought it was a waste of time and wanted Iqbal to work with him on his farm.

To fulfil his dreams his sister managed to arrange for a retired cricket player to teach Iqbal. The Movie is tremendously motivating for those who are suffering from the same difficulties as Iqbal. Iqbal is one of the Life-Changing Movies in Hindi as it encourages people that their defects cannot be a barrier to their dream.

3. Udaan

Udaan stands as the most motivating movie for children and upcoming generations released in 2010.

The story is about four teenagers who are removed from their boarding school. The main character is Rohan who after getting expelled reaches home after 8 years where his violent father and an adopted brother live. Rohan wants to become a writer but his father forces him to work in his family business of steel factory and half-days do study at a local engineering university daily.

He still achieves his dream after facing tons of difficulties and properly dealing with them. It motivates you that there are many obstacles between you and your dreams but the only solution to this is to be coconfident and strong for achieving it.

4. 3 Idiots

3 Idiots is the most entertaining, popular, and inspiring for every individual released in 2009. The movie is one of the Motivational Bollywood Movies you have ever seen. Three friends Farhan, Raju, and Rancho meet each other in an engineering college that makes their strong bond of friendship.

When the others meet Rancho they realize that there passion is elsewhere. Farhan wants to become a photographer and Raju wants to become a successful person that made him scared of failure. Rancho motivates them to follow their dreams.

The Best part and the inspiring concept is that be your personality. It makes you realize that you should be independent of all the demotivated and discouraging opinions of society. Aim your future as per your passions.

5. Queen

Queen is the most dramatic and motivating movie amongst all others released in 2013. The story is all about a lady who lived in Delhi named Rani Mehra (Queen) who was dumped by her fiance just before marriage.

She decides to go on to Europe alone to celebrate her honeymoon. Touring around Europe, she discovers joy, explores new friendships with various people, and experiences newly found freedom. She earns some trust over others and makes new bonds in foreign countries.

The Movie gives an amazing message to all females to be independent and always ready fo achieving their desires and needs. It beautifully depicts that life doesn’t stop because of someone’s entrance or exit.

6. Tamasha

Tamasha is an amazing story released in 2015. The two strangers Ved and Tara fall for each other while enjoying holidays in Corsica. They both mutually decide that they will not be revealing their names or disclosing their identities.

They go their separate paths after returning to India, but Tara misses him and tries to find him. When meeting Ved again, she finds a changed and lost Ved. Tara being a true soulmate of Ved supports him to find himself as the person he used to be earlier.

The Movie is very inspirational for every couple. It practically rotates around the story of two lovers, their deep love, and their desolation in intimacy.

7. Lakshya

Lakshya is a movie providing an inspirational spirit amongst natives to be fascinated with soldiers, released in 2004. Karan is the son of a wealthy businessman who, being lazy and aimless, gives an army entrance exam by seeing his friend and gets selected in the Indian Army.

He went for the training and got rejected by them as he was unfocused and careless about his duties. When he comes back to his home, he faces a bad breakup and rejoins the army.

This Movie is the symbol of patriotism and will surely charge you up. It is mainly for people who are willing to be successful but lack inspiration.

8. Dil Chahta Hai

Dil Chahta Hai coming-of-age romantic movie that gives inspiration to friendship and love. Sid, Sameer, and Rohit were college friends who completed their graduation and decided to go on a Goa trip.

Akash was an entertaining person who doesn’t have faith in love but Sameer wants to be in love. When Sameer falls in love with a lady Tara his friends denied and told him not to get involved in these things. Sameer fights with his friends and they unite six months later as three couples.

This Movie motivates you about true love. If you love your partner truly, you can fight with everyone for her and in the end, make her yours for the rest of your life.

9. Rocket Singh

Rocket Singh is a dramatic and comedy movie released in 2009. The story is all about a person named Harpreet Singh who is a graduate, working as a salesman in a big company AYS.

The reputed salesman of the company used to do sales by taking bribes but Harpreet surveyed that it can be possible only when the customers are satisfied with the services. When he shared his thoughts with others they refused and he secretly formed his own company- Rocket Sales Corporation. At last, he succeeds in his business with positive qualities.

The Movie focuses on being honest, loyal, and hard-working towards your work. It also teaches some entrepreneurial functions such as initiative, opportunity grabber, honesty, and much more.

10. Manjhi: The Mountain Man

Manjhi: The Mountain Man is a story based on a true biography that motivates you a lot. It was released in 2015 and the story is very emotional. Manjhi was a poor labourer who lived with his family consisting of his wife and a son.

The village is a mountain area that also acts as a road for going from one place to another. When his wife was pregnant, she went for some work and while passing over the mountain died giving birth to a baby girl.

Manjhi after his wife’s incident decided to make a road and started to carve a road. Village people thought he was mad but he proved it 22 years later by constructing a road. The Movie motivates you to be determined and confident towards your work and your aim.


Inspiration and Motivation are the two most common aspects of our life. People cannot experience it only through counseling, but can surely ace it by having a glance at real-life experiences or instances.

After going through these stunning 10 most Motivational Bollywood Movies and Life-Changing Movies, we hope you will watch them, take lessons and inspiration from them, and have a great and successful journey ahead. Share your experiences with us when you gain some achievement or knowledge after going through this complete article and write about them in the comments. Do leave your precious thoughts and opinions in the comments. Best wishes for the future!!


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