TikTok is a social networking website where users may create 15-second clips and broadcast live broadcasts. With over 800 million engaged profiles globally and the benchmark for establishing as the most installed application at the beginning of 2020, TikTok is quickly becoming a component of many people’s daily lives. The possibility for users to swiftly achieve popularity via their clips initially drew youngsters to the application. Still, nonprofit firms noticed how rapidly information could become famous and desired in the activity. TikTok is now being used by nonprofit businesses, influencers, and organizations to disseminate content, promote, and generate funding for purposes.

The layout on TikTok is incredibly excellent for making clips that communicate complete storylines in 15 to 60 seconds. Thanks to the site’s simple processing features, people can also create highly qualified videos right from their smartphones. This emerging social network can assist NGOs in raising exposure about their purpose, activities, and funding efforts. If you are thinking about incorporating TikTok into your social media strategy, you should first learn about the app’s unique features and how to use it to further your purpose. Then, we will explain what this increasingly prominent social network is, how to utilize it, and why it can be beneficial in the future.

Challenges With Hashtag

TikTok challenges, in which you confront people to execute a specific task, are a terrific method to spread awareness about your subject while promoting public involvement. In addition, as part of the TikTok For Worthwhile task, the site has partnered with several NGOs to develop hashtag challenges. These projects can also be created on your own by your nonprofit. Ensure there is a distinct and essential intent or objective when starting a fresh hashtag challenge.

You can also buy tiktok views instant to make your campaign even more effective. The hashtag you develop should be creative, simple to spell, and unforgettable, but you really should provide explicit guidance on how you want your fans to respond. Oreo’s #CookieWithACause promotion, for instance, was a great advertising effort.

When at least 1 million TikTok clips with the hashtag were submitted, Oreo vowed to provide a gift to Save the Children. The next phase is to get the public to participate in your challenge by deciding on a hashtag and a challenge. Again, working with a TikTok influencer or a well-known nonprofit organization can be beneficial. 

Clips With Useful Content

With instructional clips that enlighten people regarding their subject, some groups can access large TikTok crowds. You can interact with fresh and current consumers by explaining what your nonprofit does, presenting your crew people, and demonstrating what happens behind the doors.

Taking your viewers behind the scenes in this way demonstrates integrity and aids in the development of confidence between your nonprofit and its donors. You are more inclined to strengthen connections with your followers if you use your instructional clips to demonstrate the effects of someone’s contribution or assistance.

The Caenhill Countryside Centre, a nonprofit in the United Kingdom that educates younger people about agriculture and animal care, used this method to disseminate films of the creatures in their rescue program. Several of the pets have become TikTok personalities due to these recordings, which have boosted the nonprofit’s viewership to over 156,000 admirers. Viewers can’t get behind this material and are excitedly anticipating more installments. As a nonprofit, you can also approach sites like Trollishly.

Platform-Wide Distribution

TikTok allows you to effortlessly publish high-quality videos throughout any of your social media accounts. Click the share icon in the bottom-right edge of your TikTok clip to bring up the publishing choices.

In addition, you may offer TikTok clips of new life by posting them on your other social media platforms, as well as driving your followers to TikTok. They might wish to check out your TikTok account if they watch you on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Organizations can also buy packages from service providers like Trollishly to uplift their reach.

Donation Stickers

TikTok introduced the addition of clickable Donation Stickers to clips and live broadcasts in April 2020. When users tap on a Donation Sticker, they can donate to the content creator’s chosen charity in the application.

Presently, TikTok Donation Stickers can only contribute to a small number of organizations. Still, the network is working on expanding the range of nonprofits that can be supported shortly. While this function is not accessible to all NGOs, it is still an opportunity to get started on TikTok right away. When TikTok makes the Donation Stickers available to more NGOs, you will be able to contribute another money stream to your organization right now if you already have an active following. 

Wrapping Up

TikTok may be a helpful marketing tool for NGOs looking to quickly develop exciting material with the ability to attract additional donors. Now is the moment to begin utilizing it, given its fast-expanding appeal among individuals of various ages. Begin by practicing interaction methods like hashtag challenges and instructive or instructional videos if you have already made a TikTok account and expand your reputation. Don’t forget to share your work on other social media platforms as well. Utilize these suggestions to get the most out of TikTok as you learn more about the site.


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