Google Duet AI Introduced,All You Need To Know
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Artificial Intelligence is creating new headlines every day, and the reason is competition to dominate the AI race. Every day, companies like Google, Meta, Microsoft, and IBM are introducing new AI tools, and thus, AI is always in the news. There is no doubt in the fact that Google has next-level domination in the technological world, but ChatGPT has given Google a possible threat. And that’s why, after the launch of ChatGPT, Google has been working continuously to outstand ChatGPT in multiple ways. In the series of multiple AI tools launches, Google has launched Duet AI, a new AI tool for its video conferencing platform Google Meet. Let’s talk about Duet AI in detail.

Google Duet AI

What is Google Duet AI?

Google Duet AI is an advanced AI software specially designed for Google Meet. The software will work like your duet in a video conferencing. Simply put, it will attend the meeting on your behalf. Now, after reading this, many users will think this tool is for slacking off the meetings, but this is not the case. Google’s main idea behind this is to help people who genuinely want to attend meetings but can’t due to some emergency situations. Also, it will help users skip some general meetings when they have continuous meeting sessions. It will give individuals a mental break so that they remain fresh in the upcoming important sessions.

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How Google Duet AI will help?

When you are attending a meeting, you will see an option, Attend For Me, and as its name implies, the AI will attend the meeting for you. Basically, it will generate some texts and other animations on the topic you want and will share them with every attendee on your behalf. Notably, the AI will also collect notes for you. Suppose you are late for a meeting. In that case, you can go with the Take Notes For Me option, and the Duet AI will collect important notes, actions, and even video snippets in real time. At last, it will provide you with a summarized version of the whole meeting.

As mentioned, many people can misuse this tool by skipping meetings, so Google is also working on a mechanism to prevent any misuse of this tool. One proposed feature is when many attendees will opt to Attend For Me; it will automatically cancel the meeting. This is just one mechanism Google is working on more like this. The software is under the development phase and will soon be available for public use.


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