Samsung Galaxy Note7 will be re-launched soon

It was months since rumors were running about, and even official denials, but apparently there was truth in the Galaxy Note7 will be back on sale, in the form of reconditioned phone or hire.

“Note7 will be soon available”, Samsung said in its press release, while specifying that the actual availability of the smartphone may vary depending on the rules of the various markets and operators, taking into account the local demand.

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It is clear then that Samsung will allocate only the re-sale of the Galaxy Note 7 still in his possession, while others will be recycled in the individual still reusable parts, with particular emphasis on environmental impact, for which the company had been criticized also at MWC, with lots of Greenpeace activists who interrupted the presentation of Galaxy Tab S3 and organized a protest outside the building.

The company is also committed to research and test new eco-friendly production methods in the future, just to reinforce the concept.

We hope that Samsung will focus on their hardware, in particular about their innovations so that errors like that won’t never happen again.

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