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Everyone values privacy, especially on their phones, as they contain a lot of confidential and personal information. It’s essential to acknowledge that smartphones are highly vulnerable and susceptible to hacking. To ensure the safety and security of your documents and other sensitive data, decoy apps are necessary.

These privacy apps allow you to protect various types of data on your phone and grant you complete control over it. In this article, we will discuss some of the best and most highly secure decoy apps available for Android and iOS. Let’s dive in!

10 Best Decoy Apps for Android and iOS

Here is the list of the top 10 decoy apps for Android and iOS:

App Name Google Play Store Link iOS App Store Link
1 Private Photo Vault – Keepsafe Play Store Link App Store Link
2 Calculator – Photo Vault Play Store Link App Store Link
3 Vault-Hide Pics, App Lock Play Store Link N/A
4 Hide Photos, Video and App Lock Play Store Link App Store Link
5 Best Secret Folder N/A App Store Link
6 Vault: Hide Pictures Videos Play Store Link N/A
7 Safe Gallery (Gallery Lock) Play Store Link N/A
8 Secret Photos KYMS N/A App Store Link
9 AppLock – Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker Play Store Link App Store Link
10 LockMyPix Photo Vault Play Store Link App Store Link
  1. Private Photo Vault – Keepsafe

Private Photo Vault

Keepsafe is a well-known and highly recommended decoy app for both Android and iOS. The app offers numerous safety features. One noteworthy feature is the availability of multiple lock options, including PIN, pattern, and even fingerprint, ensuring top-notch security.

The decoy feature of this app is impressive, allowing you to separate your private pictures from regular ones. You can create a password-protected decoy album, diverting attention from your private album. Additionally, this app provides the option to back up your media to the cloud.

  1. Calculator – Photo Vault

Calculator – Photo Vault

Surprisingly, a calculator can also be used as a decoy app. This is currently the most widely used and trusted decoy app globally. Its immense popularity stems from the fact that it appears to be a normal calculator, fooling others.

Essentially, it’s a vault that can be accessed by entering a PIN on the calculator screen. You can store various types of media in this vault, completely hidden from prying eyes. An advanced feature of this app is that it captures a selfie of anyone attempting to access the vault with incorrect passwords. It is available for both Android and iOS.

  1. Vault-Hide Pics, App Lock

Vault-Hide Pics, App Lock

Vault-Hide Pics, App Lock is another highly popular and globally rated decoy app for Android. It offers an array of advanced safety features to protect your data across all platforms. You can save private pictures and videos, which remain inaccessible to others. Additionally, you can lock apps to ensure complete privacy and data protection.

The app also provides data protection while browsing the internet. Furthermore, it offers cloud storage support, making it an all-in-one solution for your data security and privacy needs.

  1. Hide Photos, Video and App Lock

Hide Photos, Video and App Lock

Hide Photos, Video, and App Lock is an excellent decoy app available for both Android and iOS. It is an all-rounder app with numerous interesting features. Apart from hiding images, videos, and other files, it allows you to secure almost all apps on your device.

This makes it one of the best apps for privacy. Furthermore, you can set privacy locks for all other apps, eliminating the need for additional applications to secure your phone. The app offers multiple unique features and lock options while maintaining a simple and clean user interface.

  1. Best Secret Folder

Best Secret Folder decoy app

If you are an iOS user seeking the most advanced decoy app, Best Secret Folder is an ideal choice. This app offers a wide range of lock and protection options. From pattern and PIN to Face ID and fingerprint, it provides various security mechanisms.

One standout feature is the automatic alarm that sounds whenever an intruder attempts to access the private space. The app allows you to create an organized private space, enabling you to manage your data in different folders, files, and directories.

  1. Vault: Hide Pictures Videos

Vault app

Vaulty is a modern and highly advanced app popular among the youth. It has quickly gained immense popularity due to its impressive features. The app supports secure storage of all types of data and offers multiple locking mechanisms.

Notably, you can create alternate vaults to deceive intruders. Moreover, you can disguise the external UI of the app as a regular calculator or stock look-up app, ensuring minimal attention. Additionally, the app provides cloud support and automatic backup. It is available for Android devices.

  1. Safe Gallery (Gallery Lock)

Gallery lock

Don’t be misled by the name; Safe Gallery can secure more than just photos. It is among the few vault apps that can safeguard audio files as well. Users highly recommend its simple and straightforward user interface. An interesting feature of this app is the ability to save or download media directly from the internet.

It also includes a decoy feature, allowing you to create a fake folder and password to confuse intruders while ensuring the utmost safety for your real folders and albums. Additionally, you can hide the app from the screen, leaving no trace of the private space.

  1. Secret Photos KYMS

Secret Photos KYMS

Secret Photos KYMS is a great decoy app specifically designed for iOS. It also features a calculator-like external UI, minimizing attention from intruders. You can use a powerful PIN to access the private space. The app supports the storage and security of various media types, including pictures, images, and files.

It also offers secure and private browsing capabilities. With its lightweight design, you need not worry about space constraints. The app’s clean and user-friendly UI makes it a highly preferred decoy app among iOS users.

  1. AppLock – Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker

AppLock is a versatile decoy app available for both Android and iOS. It offers robust security features such as fingerprint and password protection. With this app, you can lock individual apps, including social media, messaging, and banking apps, ensuring complete privacy.

Additionally, it provides a gallery locker to safeguard your photos and videos. AppLock also offers an intruder selfie feature, capturing photos of unauthorized users attempting to access your protected apps or files.

  1. LockMyPix Photo Vault

LockMyPix APP

LockMyPix Photo Vault is a reliable decoy app that specializes in securing and protecting your photos. Available for Android and iOS, it offers advanced encryption and PIN protection to keep your images safe from prying eyes.

The app allows you to create multiple photo albums with individual passwords, providing enhanced organization and privacy. Additionally, LockMyPix Photo Vault features a secure camera function, enabling you to take photos directly within the app and store them securely.

Wrapping Up

That concludes our list of the 10 Best Decoy Apps for Android and iOS. There’s no need to compromise your privacy and the safety of your data, as these decoy apps will ensure protection. All these apps are free and highly secure, trusted by millions of users. Choose the one that suits your requirements, preferences, and desired features.


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