Schedule change: Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus will be launched on 28th April

There was almost official that these two smatphones will be released on 21th April, but as could be possible, Samsung could have had some problems with them, delaying the launch for a week.

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Samsung didn’t give any detailed explaination about this delay, but we assume that they want to be careful, if we think to Galaxy Note 7 and its cruel destiny.

In this way, LG will start selling its G6 even before than Samsung, with 20 days of advantage. Will Samsung be up for lost time? We’ll see.

Till, now what is confirmed is just their presentation day that is on 29th March.

Take a look to what has been presented on the Mobile World Congress 2017.

Only on that day, we’ll know all the details about its price, design and specifications, so we hope that at Samsung headquarters devs will make the most of these days to improve it as much as possible.


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