Chandrayaan 3 Vs Luna 25

The race to space is at its peak among the countries, and the latest example is Chandrayaan 3 vs Luna 25. Global media is extensively covering this topic as two friends, India and Russia, are on a race to the Moon.

Though many countries, including Russia and India, have already landed on the Moon’s surface, the twist is no country in this world has explored the Moon’s south pole.

India’s Chandrayaan 2 was the first mission to the Moon’s south pole, which was a half-success because the Vikram lander was unable to land on the lunar surface. However, this time, ISRO was ready to create history with its Chandrayaan 3, but suddenly, Russia joined the race with its Luna 25. Let’s know about both missions in detail.

Know More About Chandrayaan 3

Chandrayaan 3 Vs Luna 25, Whats the difference

Luna 25 is Russia’s ambitious mission to land on the Moon’s south pole. It is Russia’s first mission to the lunar surface after 47 years. On the other hand, Chandrayaan 3 is India’s third mission to the lunar surface.

India is the first country to think about Moon’s south pole, which is unexplored yet. As per speculations, research, and studies, most of the frozen water will be found in the south pole. India sent Chandrayaan 2 a few years ago, but it didn’t land successfully because a soft landing on the south pole is not easy.

The primary objective of both Luna 25 and Chandrayaan 3 is to land on the Moon’s south pole, and the one who lands first will steal the victory. However, there is a difference between Chandrayaan 3 and Luna 25. Luna 25 doesn’t contain a rover, but Chandrayaan 3 has Pragyan Rover, which will explore & study the lunar surface for a few days and send crucial data back. There is also a lot of difference in the approach and mechanism of both missions.

Chnadrayaan 3 vs Luna 25:Who will land first?

As mentioned above, there is a difference between the approach of both missions. Luna 25 follows a direct and quick approach or trajectory to lunar orbit Chandrayaan 3 will do several maneuvers in the lunar orbit. Simply put, Luna 25 will make a few revolutions in Earth’s and Lunar orbits, while Chandrayaan 3 will make multiple revolutions around Earth’s and Moon’s orbits. Due to this, Chandrayaan 3, even launching a month ago, will take more time than Luna 25.

As per ROSCOSMOS, Luna 25 will do a soft landing on August 21, while Chandrayaan 3 will land on August 23. But remember, these are just speculations. Nothing is confirmed when it comes to space. Let’s hope best for Chandrayaan 3 as well as Luna 25.


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