Beelink GT-King Pro Android TV Box Review

The Beelink GT-King Pro adopts the latest Amlogic S922X-H chip (Quad-core Cortex-A73 @ 2.21 GHz+ Dual-core Cortex-A53 @ 1.8 GHz), which is by far one of the most reliable chips in TV box at this present day.

This TV box features high-end Hi-Fi lossless sound quality and Dolby sound impacts to provide you with an immersive listening and viewing experience, one of the most cost-effective products by far.

Beelink GT- King Pro: Design

The Beelink GT- King Pro comes with the design of skull pattern style, which is found to be more attractive ornament which when placed the equipment for your bedroom or even to your sitting room. Its design is so attractive that if you are a gamer then it will truly contrast your gaming set or kit which will give you a very good experience while gaming.

Beelink GT- King Pro: Specifications

The Beelink GT- King Pro comes with lots of features but the specifications are limited and those are mentioned as below:

  1. The working environment ranges from around –10° C to 45°
  2. The humidity rage when working ranges from around 30 pct. to 90 pct.
  3. The storage environment must be ranging from a temperature range of -20° C up to 60°
  4. The storage environment must be ranging from a humidity range of 10pct. to 90pct.

Beelink GT-King Pro: Audio

The Beelink GT-King Pro comes up with DTS audio along with Dolby audio decoding, which offers Hi-Fi losses sound quality to you for an immersive experience.

Beelink GT-King Pro: Hardware

The Beelink GT- King Pro comes with the high-performance CPU and GPU, making the GT-King Pro TV box run quicker and smoother together with excellent heat dissipation, and you’ll never have to worry about buffering and overheating while watching films or even playing games for a longer moment.

Beelink GT-King Pro: Performance

Beelink GT-King Pro Performance
Beelink GT-King Pro with Digital Dolby Sound

The Beelink GT- King Pro comes with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM storage memory that enables you to smoothly display HD video and download huge resources from the internet, it has a big storage ability that is sufficient to store big numbers of movies and applications and also to browse the web portal.

Beelink GT-King Pro: Connectivity

For effective, stable data and video output on your computer 24/7, the Beelink GT-King Pro comes with dual-band and dual WiFi connectivity. 2.4 G along with 5.8 G dual-WiFi and 1000 Mbps LAN that completely runs internet, streaming and audio without lagging so that you can play 4K@60fps, 3D and H.256 videos smoothly.

Beelink GT- King Pro: Software

The Beelink GT- King Pro comes with an adapted Android 9.0 operation system for strong compatibility, and it is compatible with most of the software, games, and applications for the improvement of the user’s experience.

Beelink GT- King Pro: Voice Remote Control

You just have to speak on to the 2.4G voice remote control, and it will operate the TV box based on what your demand is, you can demand such as for the best action movies, today’s weather forecast or also  about the latest news, it will all show up on the TV.

Beelink GT- King Pro: Resolution

The Beelink GT- King Pro gives support for the multi-video decoder which can range up to 4K*2K at the rate of a frame rate of 60 fps and 1*1080 P at the rate of a frame rate of 60 fps, which provides the user much more detailed and better-looking images or even the videos.

Due to this type of resolutions, the gaming experience also comes out to be very great as the screen refreshing rate is very high and the quality of the pictures rendering also comes out to be the best of all. So, if you are a gamer then you should clearly think of this device to buy for the gaming kit and take your gaming experience to the next level.

Beelink GT- King Pro: Conclusion

The Beelink GT- King Pro comes out to be an all-rounder in the field of may it be the gaming or video streaming or watching movies or even if looking for the images due to the excellent performance, hardware and software and the best among all the resolution.

Thus, the best suggestion comes out is to buy this product for the better experiences.

Beelink GT- King Pro: Where to buy and the pricing

The Beelink GT- King Pro is available at a discount price of $139.99 from the highest paying value of $160 which is a great deal for now as the flash sale is going on and also it comes with UK type plug, US type plug, EU type plug sizes also so that everyone from anywhere can buy and use this product.


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