gpu drivers

Among the many features and news coming from Google I / O 2017, a new one could make happy developers and users who care about technical issues and performance.

GPU drivers

During one of the conferences taken in these days, it has been announced that Android GPU drivers can be directly upgraded from the Play Store, as if they were normal apps.

The new feature has not been explained in depth but is likely to be one of the many new features of Android O.

Updating drivers independently from the software version of the system may be one of the effects of the new Project Treble, which should improve some of the problems in the platform.

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Google hasn’t never fought so hard against fragmentation, and this new modular aspect of Android might be the right way to eliminate this crucial problem.

At the moment, we do not know how many GPUs will be supported from this project, but many of our doubts will be clarified when a stable version of Android O will be finally released.

In the meanwhile, we are satisfied about this great idea that maybe, in a future, can bring Android to an higher level of experience, performance and stability.



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