Airtel Xtreme AirFiber

We are living in the most advanced era of connectivity, and companies are doing everything to capture massive audiences with their network services. Airtel is one of the biggest networking companies not only in India but in other countries, also. The popularity of Xstream Wi-Fi service from Airtel is not hidden from anyone, and to make it faster and more reliable, the company has launched AirFiber.The company has launched this device under its Fixed Wireless Access(FWA) service. Airtel Xstream AirFiber will offer fast wireless 5G connectivity and will be a game changer in areas with low network connectivity. Let’s know about this device in detail.

Know More About Xstream AirFiber

What is Airtel Xstream AirFiber?

Be clear that Xstream AirFiber is not a service; it’s a device. You can call it a personal Hotspot device, which offers 5G connectivity from Airtel. It is a handheld device that works on plug and play mechanism. Simply put, it will offer wireless 5G connectivity, and you can connect multiple devices without any cable. As per the company, you can connect up to 64 devices, and the data speed will be exceptional on all devices. The device comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi 6, so you can imagine the stability and coverage of the wireless connection.

How to use Airtel Xstream AirFiber?

As mentioned, it is a plug-and-play device. So you have to plug in the device, and you are ready to connect your devices to it using Wi-Fi. You can download the Xstream AirFiber app for free to know the best location for installation and deep info about the device. After that purchase a plan from Airtel, and you will get speed, validity, and other services as per your chosen plan. You can compare it with JioFi, but it is far more advanced than that. Most importantly, it is the first device that offers wireless 5G connectivity in the country.

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Plan details and availability

Firstly talking about availability, the company has launched this device in two cities only: Mumbai and Delhi. However, it will soon launch in other cities. The company will launch more plans, but their initial plan is Rs 799 per month, offering up to 100mbps speed. You can get this plan at a discounted price if you extend it for 6 months. But in that case, you have to pay a one-time refundable security deposit of Rs 2,500. 


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