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Name is the first identity of a person and is the first & most precious gift given to a kid from his parents. Parents are also very emotional while thinking about the name of their new member of their family.

Parents want a unique name for their kids which not only indicates their personality but also shows them special among others but thinking of a unique name is not an easy task. The population of the world is around 7 billion and there are high chances that the name you pick up for your kid was used almost a million times.

If you are confused while thinking of a name for your baby and want an easy and quick solution then this article is for you. We have shortlisted some of the best apps for generating baby names for Android & iOS which will help you a lot in finding the best name for your kid.

8 Best Baby Name Apps For Android & iOS

1. Baby Names By Nametrix

Baby Names By Nametrix

Whenever you are searching for the best baby name apps you will always find this app at the top of the list or page. It is one of the most popular baby name apps. The app performs intelligently and will help you find the best name for the kid in seconds. There are a lot of options through which you can find thousands of names as per your requirements.

You can sort thousands of names based on trends, unisex, gender, popularity, and historic popularity. You will also get a lot of recommendations based on your interests. The app also shows the professional leanings of name making it a complete solution for finding a perfect name for your kid.

2. Kinder – Find Baby Names

Kinder App for baby name

This baby name generator app is another great app to find the perfect name for your baby. You can find a lot of names by applying various filters provided by the app. It has a library of 18000 names so you will find a unique name every time you use this app.

You and your partner can choose a name separately by logging separately and then you can check whether your vision or taste matches or not. Once you shortlist some names you will get various recommendations based on shortlisted names.You can also find baby names by meaning on this app. The app user interface is simple and easy to use.

3. Baby Name Generator

Baby Name Generator

The baby name generator is a simple yet important app if you are facing difficulty in finding the perfect name for your baby. You don’t have to do anything, just select the gender, and it will automatically generate thousands of common and uncommon names from the past 200 years. It means you will find a unique name every time you open the app.

The app contains more than 7000 names for both boys and girls. Select the favorite names and make a list of them. You can share the list with your family members to finalize the best name among your favorite ones.

4. Baby name finder

Baby name finder App

Baby Name Finder is another useful app that can be your companion in finding the name of your lovely baby. It is an all-rounder application for finding the names based on various factors. You can search based on gender, raashi, religion, and alphabet. After applying the filters you will get names according to your desire and requirements.

New names are continuously added to the huge database of the app. You will get the meaning of every name, and you can make a list of your favorites to share with your loved ones. The app is free and has a very simple user interface.

5. Baby Names from Sevenlogics

Baby Names from Sevenlogics

Nobody had thought that finding the name for his/her baby is so easy but apps like Baby Names from Sevenlogics have made it even easier. It is one of the best baby name app available for download. Simply tell the app whether you are looking for a name for a boy or a girl it will show you a never-ending list of names. The names are sorted from most popular to least popular. You can even sort the names by year or popularity.

Another excellent feature of this app is that you can check the popularity graph of any particular name by searching it. There is also an option called “Genie” which will give you a random name for your baby if you are confused in deciding a name.So it also works as a baby name generator app.

6. Baby Names from Schatzisoft

Baby Names from Schatzisoft

It is another excellent app for finding the best name for your kid. The app comes with some extra features which makes it a better option for choosing your baby name. You will get all standard features in this app like names by popularity and origins. But along with standard features, you will also get a lot of extra features like its Ideas section provides you a lot of options to find the best name very easily and quickly.

Another great feature of this app is that it provides a themed list of names like Christmas, Cowboys, Gems and Jewels, Preppy, etc. You will also get a “Twins” section for selecting matching names for Twins or siblings.

7. Baby Name Together

Baby Name Together

As the name suggests this app is a boon if the baby’s parents are not able to decide on a name on mutual interests. Firstly it has a huge database of 30000 names which is enough to find a unique name for your kid. Secondly, parents can merge their accounts after shortlisting their favorite names. Now this compiled list will provide baby name matching with parents.

You will get all information about every name including statistics per country, average age, celebrities with that name, etc.

If you are facing difficulty in pronouncing the name then you can hear its pronunciation on the app. You will also get access to the parent community which will help you in finding useful information including the name of your newborn.

8. Top baby names for boy and girl

Top baby names for boy and girl

If you want a huge collection of unique names then you can consider this app. This app has a massive database of more than 100000 names. It is like the best baby name book you find on the internet. You will find a new name every time you open this app. A lot of filters like the first letter, religion, meaning, origin, and many more are available in this app to provide you quick results according to your requirements.

This app also provides you separate unisex list. You can also sort thousands of names by popularity and date added. The app’s user interface is straightforward, just scroll down a long list and choose the perfect name for your baby. You can also save & share the chosen name with your partner or family members.


The above-listed apps are among the best baby name apps. All of them have good ratings and are trusted by thousands of users. Each app on this list has thousands and thousands of names to provide you best & unique names for your unborn. The best thing is: all these apps are free and provide you a variety of options & filters to make it even more simple to find the perfect name for your baby. You can choose any app as all these apps take very little space in your phone and provide you an excellent user interface for better engagement.


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