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Chinese phones have been invading the world in recent times. The reason why they are gaining popularity is the fact they are cheap but at the same time, consists of a lot of features. This enables all individuals to own a smartphone of high specs.

How does China make it happen?

China smartphone

There are a lot of reasons as to why Chinese phones are obtained at cheaper rates. Firstly, labors are available in China at a very low rate. China has the lowest labor costs and a lot of manufacturers build products here because of this factor. The Chinese manufacturer also tries to balance the quality and rate by using reasonably good hardware but not the latest version. Also, they use an e-commerce platform to the maximum to sell their products. This means that they won’t have to spend much on distribution, running and maintaining stores. Chinese manufacturers also tend to use marketing techniques which are of lesser rates. They use social media platforms to the maximum to publicize their products. Also, they do not spend on research and development like other companies. They use existing materials to create their products and do not spend on innovation.

What are the features that Chinese smartphones offer?

Feature of Chinese smartphones

Most of the Chinese phones are dual-sim. While some might contain slots for dual sim and an SD card, most of them give you the photo of either dual sim or one sim and an SD card. Almost all of the recent smartphones support 4G and LTE network. A few smartphones will ask you to select one sim to use 4G though. The processors are usually from MediaTek. Qualcomm is definitely more popular but MediaTek is cheaper. The standard size for RAM in the Chinese smartphones are 3 GB and 4GB but you can even find phones with 6GB RAMs. Most phones are capable of 32GB or 64GB internal storage.

Regarding the details of the camera, some phones offer dual cameras. Even phones which are of a really low rate feature 13 MP back camera and a 5-8 MP front camera. A full HD screen is present in even the cheapest models and almost all of them have a 5.5-inch screen. The screen is usually mentioned as 3D glass or 2.5D arc glass, but it should be noted that they are not curved glasses, but you will find that the edges are slightly curved. Gorilla glass is yet another feature found in most of Chinese smartphones.

Unlocked Chinese smartphones

Unlocked Chinese smartphones

If a smartphone isn’t tied to a specific contract or carrier, it is said to be an unlocked smartphone. The benefit of unlocked smartphones is that you are independent to choose any number of plans as frequently or infrequently possible. Also, you get extra space on your phone as they don’t have many pre-installed applications. If you are an international traveler, they will be of great help as roaming charges are very low or not applicable on unlocked phones depending on the country.

It is very easy to acquire unlocked Chinese smartphones as they are spread out in the whole e-commerce industry. Also, the availability of unlocked smartphones is something that the Chinese phone industry is famous for. This helps you save money since you won’t be signing up for network providers.

Some of the Affordable Unlocked Chinese smartphones

1# Xiaomi Pocophone F1

Xiaomi Pocophone F1

One of the best Chinese smartphones with high-specs. Its affordable rate of $318 gets all the limelight and ignores the fact that it does not look grand. It should be noted that it has a pretty attractive design though but it is far from being the sleekest. It is similar to Mi8 but cheaper. Xiaomi is a brand that produces unlocked smartphones.

2# Xiaomi MI A2

Xiaomi MI A2

It fits the tag Chinese smartphone under 300$ and is one of those varieties which is totally worth your money. It can be called as an all-rounder with a really good display and a trio of cameras. It might even be the cheapest Chinese smartphone with this range of features that A2 claims.

3# Xiaomi MI A2 Lite

Xiaomi MI A2 Lite

With a premium design and a 19:9 notch display, its other features are as good as its performance. It has a dual camera which is not bad in terms of their specs as well. The internal storage is also quite nice with 64GB. It can be extended up to 256GB. There is a separate slot for the memory card, so you don’t have to sacrifice the luxury of using the dual sim.

4# UMIDIGI One Pro


One of the cheapest Chinese smartphones available in the market. Its features are amazing since it has fast wireless charging mode, dual cameras and 19:9 IPS display. The fingerprint sensor is side-mounted. It also has an HD display. It falls under the category of Chinese smartphones below $200. There have been criticisms that the fingerprint sensors are temperamental and the cameras are not that good.

5# Honor 9 Lite

Honor 9 Lite

It is one of the best Chinese smartphones available if you are on a budget and though it has been around for a while, it still shines as one of the best budget phones you can buy. It has quad cameras which are of decent specs. The battery backup if fine and the performance is quite good too. The design is awesome and especially its sapphire blue version conquered the market when it arrived.

6# Honor 7X

Honor 7X

It is also looked at as one of the best Chinese smartphones under $200. It looks more expensive and luxurious. It makes you choose between dual memory and an SD card though. The cameras may not be excellent but are decent enough. Another striking feature of this phone is the 18:9 screen. It has been noticed that almost all the apes work well if they are made to fill the screen.

7# Huawei P Smart

Huawei P Smart

This variant can is very affordable and most all its users are highly satisfied with the phone. But the fact that it is very similar to Honor 9 Lite whose costs are even lesser makes it hard to recommend. It has a18:9 screen but lacks dual camera. Huawei smartphones are unlocked in nature.


It costs $279.99 and is seen as one of the best in the category; best Chinese smartphone under $300. It has a large 18:9 display along with high battery capacity and good internal storage. Though its performance and photography are not excellent, they are adequately good. It is similar to Moto G6 but differs in terms of storage.

9# Xiaomi MI Max 3

Xiaomi MI Max 3

The main feature of this smartphone is its huge screen. You get to experience a bigger screen at a cheaper rate if you decide to own this smartphone. Its screen size is 6.9 inches and in addition to that, it also has an 18:9 display. This is an upgrade they did on MI Max 2. Another upgrade is the second rear camera lens. The difference in rates between Max 2 and Max 3 is very little, making MI Max 3 very affordable.

10# Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

The Redmi Note 5 Pro performs quite decently and has good battery life. It also has a powerful dual camera and a big screen. All these factors are joined together with a very affordable rate. It cost around $229 which is an amazing price for the features it provides. It has a few negative remarks like lack of Quick charge and the fact that its build is partially plastic. But it is worth its money.

So if the features that these Chinese smartphones showcase interest you and you are okay with not having high-end products like Apple’s iPhone, you can go ahead and check out an array of Chinese smartphones on websites like Amazon and eBay. The major companies are Huawei, Honor (part of Huawei itself), Xiaomi, Vivo, etc. These companies also provide offers on their websites at times and produce unlocked phones.


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