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Earlier we published a Cute, Lovely cool Instagram caption. However, it happens many times when we feel low or are hurt by our loved ones. Life is not the same always. Words are a great way to convey our emotions.

If you want to share your emotions on social media but can not find proper words then you are at the right place. Here we have compiled the best sad, unhappy, heartbroken, Break-up captions & quotes which you can use for Instagram and Facebook account.

Sad Captions for Instagram & Facebook

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  • I guess broken pieces of glass hurt one badly and so does broken pieces of the human heart.

  • World’s may say that it’s over but somewhere in the heart, a feeling called love was still there.

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  • And in the end, it’s not the people you miss. It’s the memories.

  • I can unfriend you, unfollow you, but how can I Unlove you?

  • Winter ended with hopes and then with the autumn, even my hope shed like leaves.

  • If I die today, host my funeral with smiles. With my hearts having slivers all around, they might hurt if you’d come closer.

  • The person who cried like hell when my eyes dropped tears has changed a lot.

  • A crumpled piece of paper cannot be fixed to become a fine one and so does a broken relationship.

  • It’s better to break up when the sweet love turns into poison.

  • Even though you were standing beside me, you were never there for me.


  • If you left me without any reason, don’t back with an excuse.

  • Sometimes it’s better to be alone, so nobody can hurt you.

  • If my absence doesn’t affect you then my presence has no meaning.

  • Don’t leave me alone because I never wanna leave you.

  • Nowadays, forever ends when you find someone better.

  • There were days when she burnt herself for the sake of fake people and then one day you turned her heart into ashes.


  • Depression, Breakups, losing a loved one is a stage of life-changing.

  • Sometimes treating some people like stair steps is a way to move on.

  • I really don’t regret that I fall for you, because still, I love you.

  • The worst missing is missing your old self.

  • A lot of you cared, just not enough.

  • Breathing is hard. When you cry so much, it makes you realize that breathing is hard.

  • Grief is not as heavy as guilt, but it takes more away from you.

  • As the light begins to intensify, so does my misery, and I wonder how it is possible to hurt so much when nothing is wrong.

  • Nobody said it’d be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.

  • Hugs and kisses are not enough if you don’t have the feeling of love and respect.

  • Just because I let you don’t mean I wanted to.


  • Every ‘I am okay’ actually means ‘I am totally broken.

  • Somewhere in my heart, I have hope that everything would be fine one day.

  • Sorry is never good enough.


  • It’s hard to forget and I regret all my mistakes.

  • Everything was just like a fairy tale until you pushed me out of your world.

  • What do you do when the only one who can make you stop crying is the one who is making you cry?

  • It hurts the most when the person who made you feel so special yesterday makes you feel so unwanted today.

  • Sometimes you just need to erase the messages, delete the number, and move on.

  • Hearts are breakable, even when you heal, you’re never what you were before.


  • You made me cry, you told me lies, but I can’t stand to say goodbye.

  • The saddest thing in the world is loving someone who used to love you.

  • So it’s true when all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love.

  • You won’t ever understand how much it hurts to let you go.

  • Love is the person you think about during the sad songs.

  • I never knew that you could give my place to someone else so soon.

  • I loved you so much but I forgot loving you so much is going to hurt me only.

  • It’s sad when you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were

  • What do you do when the only one who can make you stop crying is the one who made you cry?

  • When you are happy, you enjoy the music. But, when you are sad you understand the lyrics.

  • All my dreams were shattered after we broke up.

  • If you are not ready to change, you are not ready to love.

  • When you gave up on me, I gave up on me too.


  • I didn’t choose to be like this. The world makes me like this.

  • I hate that I love

  • Ignore me. I don’t care. I’m used to it anyways. I’m invisible.

  • Nothings worse is to see them two together, knowing I will never have him again.

  • I’m afraid of being forgotten. Because it seems everyone I get close to, ends up forgetting me.

  • You were the sunshine of my life. But I guess an eclipse came in between.

  • Your jealousy burnt our love.


  • You were there in my glossy days but in my darkest days, even your shadow wasn’t there.

  • Sometimes it’s better to be Alone…Nobody can hurt you.

  • Missing you isn’t what hurts. It’s knowing that I had you that’s killing me.

  • Being Ignored.

  • Worst feeling ever.


  • Some people think I’m depressed, but I’m really just a realist in a world that’s depressing.

  • I’m not supposed to miss you, I’m not supposed to care.

  • I close my eyes and dream of a time when I wasn’t all alone.

  • The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it…

  • Silence is the most powerful scream.

  • Failure is not Final.

  • Nothing hurts more than realizing that he meant everything to you but you meant nothing to him.

  • Your best teacher is your last mistake.

  • I’m slowly Giving Up.

  • I close my eyes and dream of a time when I wasn’t all alone.

  • And sometimes you just have to forget about that person you once liked and move on.

  • Sadness does not come from bad circumstances. It comes from bad thoughts.

  • Sometimes all you wanna do is stay quiet just to find out who cares about you enough to ask you why…

  • I love you like no one else..


  • I will never stop caring, but now you decide to push me away, so I will not stay.

  • People are lonely, they build walls instead of bridges.


  • Crying allows your eyes to speak when your mouth can no longer explain how broken your heart is.

  • What do I have to do to make you see she can’t love you like me.

  • I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying.

  • I smile all the time so that nobody knows how broken I’m inside.

  • One day you will miss me.

  • I never stopped loving you, just stopped showing it.

  • I just want someone who can put the same effort I put in.

  • Stop waiting for someone’s text.

  • A part of me will be waiting for you lifetime.

  • In the end, it’s not the people whom you miss. It’s about the memories.

  • Having the love of your life break up with you and say we can still be friends is like your dog dying and your mom saying you can still keep him.

  • I feel so miserable that I can’t be around normal people without making them miserable, too…

  • Just because I let you go, doesn’t mean I wanted to.

LIE Caption idea

  • After so many things, I scared to fall in

  • Different faces, different experiences, different monsters in this world.

  • Can an apology relief the pain that you gave me.

  • How beautifully eyes speak some lies.

  • Nowadays, forever ends when you find someone better.


  • Sooner or later everyone will cause you pain…You just have to figure out which ones are worth it.

  • The heart was made to be broken.

  • It’s funny how the person who hurts you is the one who swore they never would.

  • I never took your “I hate you” seriously, and you never took my “I love you” seriously. Strange but true.

  • Love became a memory I fear to remember.

  • Stop looking for happiness in the same place you just lost it.

  • I’m so broken that I can feel it. I mean, physically feel it. This is so much more than being sad now. This is affecting my whole body.

  • If it wasn’t for the pain I felt yesterday,

  • I would not be the person I am today!

  • You never need to worry about your players when your goal keeper is GOD.

  • I wish you could have tried holding me. Instead, you are holding your ego.

  • Darling!! Don’t be someone’s “Untold story” Or “Poem”. It hurts.


  • When you know there is nothing, but there is always something.

  • Time doesn’t heal wounds, it just makes them old enough that you get used to the pain.

  • Everyone has a time to stand with their head held high, everyone has a time to break down and cry.

  • It’s really sad how one day I’ll seem to have everything going right then the next day I’ll lose everything so

  • It’s amazing how someone can break your heart and you can still love them with all the little pieces.

  • There is one pain, I often feel, which you will never know. It’s caused by the absence of you.

  • When you think your first falling in love, just then you realize your falling out of love.

  • I searched the 4 corners of the world for love.

  • Only to find it’s a friggin’ circle.

  • The worst feeling is pretending you don’t care about something when it’s all you seem to think about.

  • No matter how love ends, it always finds a way to end with a tear.

  • You make me feel like a firefly. Trapped in a belljar; starved for love.

  • Our greatest joy and our greatest pain come in our relationships with others.

  • Relationships and understanding are buried under the concept of self-respect and ego.

  • Laugh, and the world laughs with you…cry, and you cry alone.

  • It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.

  • Oh God! In my life, I don’t even ask happiness, just a little less painful.



  • Loneliness turned his heart into a monster.

  • Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

  • The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.

  • My life is a collection of sad moments and comparatively less sad moments.

  • The only thing that is certain in life is that it’ll steal everything you love.

  • He proved that promises are made to be broken.

  • The ugly truth is no one is really happy in their life.

  • Expect less. Because you are not getting more anyway.

  • Monsters don’t sleep under your bed, they scream inside of your head.

  • He believed in love but the fear of heartbreak stopped him from confronting his feelings.

  • Nothing ever could undo the pain you caused to me.

  • You will always owe me a reason to not to believe in love.

  • It was strange that amidst jealousy and fights our love lost somewhere.

  • People cry, not because they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long

Tired caption idea

  • Dear Past, stop tapping me on the shoulders, I don’t wanna look back

  • You’re scared to tell people how much it hurts, so you keep it all to yourself

  • The only thing standing between me and total happiness is reality

  • Some of the most painful scars: the ones that hurt the most are the scars that can’t be seen

  • No amount of sleep in the world could cure the tiredness I feel

  •  In stead of wiping your tears, wipe away the people who create them

  • Everytime people ask me if I’m okay, it’s just a reminder that I’m not

  • need a break from the loneliness that is totally consuming me

  • hate getting flashbacks from things that I don’t want to remember

  • think I’m afraid to be happy because whenever I get too happy, something bad always happens

  • The sad truth is that opportunity doesn’t knock twice.


  • I’m busy saving everybody else when I can’t even save myself.

  • I wish only if we could last a little longer.

  • I dreamt of a forever but I guess he had a different view.

  • I loved and I loved and I lost you.

  • Love isn’t easy that’s why only those who are capable to tackle it, get it.

Loneliness caption for insta

  • He cried every night and wake up like nothing bad ever happened

  • He proved that promises are made to be broken.

  • The pain I feel is the only thing that reminds me I’m still alive.

  • Everyone is going to hurt you. You just need to find that one person who is worth suffering for.

  • Loneliness turned his heart into a monster.

  • I love crying in the rain. because when I do, no one can hear the pain.

  • You’ve changed me forever. And I’ll never forget you.

  • Stab the body and it heals, but injure the heart and the wound lasts a lifetime.

  • I tried really hard, I promise. But one day I just woke up and I couldn’t handle it anymore.

  • Love is blind. It couldn’t see that I was hurt.

  • I haven’t cried enough, you never loved enough.

  • So it’s true when all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love.

  • With every tear her eyes dropped, she started hating even the feeling of love.

  • We are separated by distances, not by hearts.

  • I can’t stop loving you even after eternity.

  • Just to avoid getting hurt, he started living alone.

  • He is a prisoner of pain. The heavy chains of his broken heart never let him move on.

  • Every smile has a mystery behind.

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  1. I really like your collections of broken words /quotes….
    It really made me feel that I’m totally broken 💔
    I’m addicted to him😫😫
    Can’t see him with someone else 😭😭

  2. Quite a relatable collection of sad quotes.
    Anyone who feels sad or going through a phase of darkness can feel these quotes.
    Thank you for sharing.


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