About Us

Veditto Tech (https://veditto.com) is Located in countries India, USA, and Italy.

Our Aim: 

To Provide Tech news around the world. We are best at this, we choose topics that really matters to everyone.  

We reviews on smartphones, gadgets and software 


Veditto Tech comes live for Tech information on 17-Jan-2017, when our CEO “Gajendra” thinks that world still need best information on tech. So he Recruited staff that is technically expert.

After we grow up day after day.  We need your support also, so please consider to exclude Veditto.com from your ad-blocker.


Veditto Tech’s members are currently from: India, USA and Italy.

Contact Information of authorities of Veditto Tech 

  1. Name: Gajendra

    Position: FOUNDER 

    Email: gajendra@veditto.com

    Residence: India

2. Name : MASC 

   Position: Co-Founder 

   Email: masc@veditto.com

   Residence: Italy