YouTube copyright system, I thought it is very good But seriously something bad happened today so i decided to write this post. I talked with Ben and Masc about this thing. 

Big Fishes are playing games with others, Today I found “Storyful” doing same, They got good site and got content id claim in YouTube.. Now they are making money by uploading other peoples videos and taking claim on it…  I really didn’t understand..

If YouTube is providing claims for those videos like traffic record or record by some police cameras to big fishes then it’s a shame. 

I Don’t care even youtube blocked me or blocked my account, I am not dependent on that. But YouTube must think on it before giving claim. 

They just forward your dispute to the claiment and let me decide. Why ?  I am seriously angry with these type of things. 

If some children are paying on a street and also its not commercial its just there things of little 5-6 year old poor boys how can some big fish which is even not from that country where video was made. 

Google must do something to.make better YouTube Or we will hear soon that google is going to turn off YouTube too like others Orkut etc.



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