Finger Encryption USB iphone ipad

Well technology has arrived at this part that every now and then industry is planning something to be in fashion, indefinite and something that remains perpetual, be it for the confidence of customers over their products or the product stability in the market itself. Latest by now, technology has been put forward in a different and enchanting style by one of the good known CHINESE brand XIBIN. Lack of Chinese standards towards their product has got to this point that even the quality has got risk over its meaning.

xibin Finger Encryption USB

XIBIN has released a finger encrypted USB flash memory disk for the IOS handy products and desktops, which is said to be their first unique product so far and that hasn’t gone discoverable in the market by any of other firms.

Finger Encryption USB MAC

The product flaunts with the very first of its specification to synchronize with the APPLE products. It has been designed in such way to maintain its compatibility as pocket-friendly so as to define its plug and play environment.

Use of Finger Encryption USB

It’s quicker, easy to handle with a net weight of just 18 grams as been said to be negligible. The product creates an impression thereby replacing the need for Itunes as transferring and sharing files has got much easier and faster with the A+ high-speed chip embedded in the product system, that could deliver a transfer rate up to 8M/S.

Moreover, the product also provides an OTG function towards the android devices, creating a boundless path between the two OS ambiance. XIBIN has also taken care of the product body which is stronger than any tampered glass with an additional heat dissipating structure. Although it is lighter, the aluminum body consists of a shockproof hedge.

It has been named the only flash drive to support multiple formats of any of the videos, photos, music or files. Hence it scores major points with its minor touch.

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