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Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Smartwatch Review: A Perfect Watch for your kids!!


Ensuring your kids safety is one of the toughest tasks in this age of potential threats. As we know, kids like to explore things, push boundaries and make their own rules but the biggest concern for their parents is safety when they are out of sight. Fortunately, many GPS wearables are available in the market currently which help you keep track of your child’s activity throughout the day.

Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Smartwatch Review
Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Smartwatch Review

Today we are going to review one such GPS smartwatch from Xiaomi, called Mi Rabbit Smartwatch. This kids smartwatch is very attractive, has so many safety features and is not harmful for your child’s health. You can connect with your kid anytime with this and it even has a SOS button in case of emergency. Read on to know everything about this cool wearable by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Smartwatch Review

Before getting into the detailed review of Mi Rabbit, lets have a quick look at its key features and specifications.

Watch type Kids watch
Brand Xiaomi
Screen Type LED
Battery 300 mAh (6 Days back up)
Band type Silicon band
OS Android
Waterproof Yes
Saftey Features Yes
Price Check latest price

Appearance & Design

Appearance & Design This wearable has a round-dial design with silicon straps. It is available in two cute colors, blue and pink which will surely attract your kid. It uses LED display with two buttons on right side of the screen and charging port is located in the middle. The microphone hole is present under the dial and sound hole on the left side of it.

The strap of this smartwatch is very soft and is highly suitable for yous kid’s soft skin.

They will not feel uncomfortable even after wearing it for a long time. It is even waterproof, so no need to worry when kids are playing with water wearing it.

Fivefold Positioning

To locate your child easily and accurately this smartwatch uses GPS, GLONASS, WiFi, Base station and Gravity sensor positioning. All of this provide a nice position precision so you know exact location of your little ones.

Two-way Communication

Two-way Communication in MI Rabbit

It comes with a SIM card and you have to just activate it so you can connect with your kid on call anytime. You can set 6-family members or send voice notes to your kid. It has got good optimization algorithms to ensure a perfect balance between mic and horn for a clear sound.

Saftey Features

Multiple Safety Features for your kids saftey!!

1. SOS Button

SOS Button

Besides making and receiving calls kids can even press an SOS button in case of emergency. Once it is pressed, the device will record audio for 7 seconds automatically and send it to you with location.

2. Security Zones

You can set a specific safe route or zone for your kids and when your kid will arrive or leaves the set area, you will get a notification on your smartphone.

3. Historical Track & Navigation

This smartwatch automatically tracks the daily activity route of your child so you can know where he is going. It can record continuously for almost three months. It also has a navigation feature which plans the shortest route to reach destination for your little ones.

Super-low Radiation & Longer Battery Life

Super-low Radiation

This cute watch adapts a hands-free mode while calling and has a very low radiation peak of 0.2W / kg and it is almost zero in standby, so you don’t have to worry about your kids health.

It has got a 300mAh battery which has a standby time of up to 6 days and lasts 2 days of normal use.

Additional Features

This smartwatch has some more additional features for convenience. When your child is in class it can be set to anti-disturb mode which closes the prompt tone. It can be set to sleep mode or performance mode for longer battery. You can also set alarm on this and if it is lost, it can be found easily with Find Watch feature.

Price & Availability

Xiaomi Mi Rabbit is available at many e-commerce webistes. The best deal we found on Gearbest, where it is selling at an exciting price of $89.57.

Final words…

Overall Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Smartwatch for Kids is a wearable with useful features in a cute package. With this you don’t have to worry about safety of your little ones. It can be a boon for you and your child in case of emergency and it is surely the best guardian for them.

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