Xiaomi Mi Home Security

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera is a basic camera with a 130-degree lens. Which is going to launch in India very soon. At the launching stage, the company further has the planning of expanding the home security portfolio. As it has already offered the Mi Home Security Camera 360 in the nation.

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera: Set to Launch in India Soon

The features that the Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera supports are 1080 p video recording along with the 130-degree wide-angle lens. The Home Security Camera packs the other features like the Artificial Intelligence powered detection engine, a talk-back feature, and an infrared night vision as well. Along with these features, it also possesses secure local storage through the micro-SD cards and the Cloud NAS storage as well. The Mi Home Security camera 360 offers the 360-degree viewing angle lens, whereas the basic offers only a 130-degree wide-angle lens and thus it is a bit inexpensive than the 36-degree variant of the security camera.

What are its capabilities?

As mentioned above, the basic version of the Mi Home Security is capable of video recording full HD video at 1080 p. With the maximum frame rate of up to 20 fps. It consists of 10 large infrared dimming lamps. That claim to offer the user with night vision capability of up to 10 meters. The Mi Home Security Camera comes with a special face detection feature. This camera is powered by AI thus reduces the false alarms such as light changes, insects movement, curtain movement, etc. This function remains disabled by default, and therefore it is required to be switched on to get the push notification whenever the motion is detected.

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera

New features:

As discussed earlier, the security camera has a talk-back feature. Which when paired with its app offers improved facility of voice calls with the duplex voice calls design. It also supports picture-in-picture mode. Which enables multitasking feature on the phone and even allows users to pair multiple cameras in different rooms. Thus you can easily view all the rooms on one common screen with the help of its multiple views. The mainstream mobile phones having the operating system iOS and Android only support this one-screen multiple-picture mode. At the initial launching stage, Mi Home Security Camera Basic version will cost Rs. 2,299 in the Indian market. But if you buy it through Xiaomi’s Mi.com it you will get it at Rs. 1,999. The Mi Home Security Camera 360 will cost something around in Rs. 2,699 the Indian market.


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