Xiaomi CIGA Automatic Mechanical Watch

Watches form an important part of fashion. It cannot be just regarded as a machine which tells time, but also an ultimate statement of demeanor. Although just a small machine in size, almost everyone has their own craze and love for it.

Xiaomi Youpin CIGA Watch Review
Xiaomi Youpin CIGA Watch Review

Here we are reviewing the brand new Xiaomi Youpin CIGA Automatic Mechanical Watch. The watch is automatic with its mechanical movement providing the precise and accurate time. The sapphire mirror makes it look clear and transparent. The hollow out design makes you outstanding from others. This watch is perfect for all kind of business, casual, indoor activities or daily use.

The Xiaomi Youpin CIGA Mechanical Watch is loaded with a dozen of features and specifications. They are as follows below-

Key Features and Specifications:

Features Specs
Watch style Business, Casual, Fashion, Hollow-out
Watches category Men
Built Steel
Weight  118 grams
Display Type Analog
Shape Square
Strap type Stainless steel
Price $155+ Free gift


Special Hollow-Out Design in CIGA Watch
Special Hollow-Out Design in CIGA Watch

The watch has been launched by Xiaomi which is the proud winner of Reddot design award 2017. This is enough to explain the design of the product. The product has a trendy, automatic and mechanical design fit for all men, irrespective of age and style.

The Xiaomi Youpin CIGA Automatic Mechanical Watch has a hollow-cut design which looks intricate yet strong. The product looks highly exquisite and special, and would be a great gift for watch lovers. The watch has good quality and leading edge fashion.

It is suitable for long lasting performance and is scratch-resistant and water-proof. The dial of the watch is made with delicate sapphire mirror glass, which is clear and transparent. The sapphire glass leaves no marks and blemishes on the watch. With a beautiful stainless steel metal case, the product is furnished with an exclusive crown. The time pointers are of hollow cut design, well made to display the perfect time. The watch has an ergonomic design with stainless steel net band.


Stainless Steel Dial
Stainless Steel Dial

The Xiaomi CIGA Automatic Mechanical Watch comes with a Dial which is made out of Stainless Steel. The dial comes with analog indicators which is designed in hallow out theme. The analogs are of Red color which helps in identifying time faster. Even though the watch is light weight and easy to wear. It comes with a sturdy built and has a very durable design.

Watch Band:

stainless steel net band
stainless steel net band

This watch comes with a stainless steel net band which makes it look premium and exquisite. The watch comes in two variants where both come with steel watch bands.

Significant benefits of Xiaomi CIGA:

The watch is appropriate for all kinds of watch wearers. It has a 1.22mm sapphire dials which istransparent and leaves no marks on the glass even after facing humidity or sunlight. It also comes with a durable Stainless steel net band that is Strong and doesn’t irritate your skin.

That’s not all the watch even boasts a stainless steel case which is made out of Resilient steel case that protects the watch from hard objects. And to top it all the watch comes with an exquisite crown that is elegant and made with hollow cut pointers that increases its style statement.

Colour Options

Color option in Xiaomi CIGA mechanical watch
Xiaomi CIGA Mechainical watch avaiable is two color variant black and silver

The watch comes in two different colour options which is black and silver. Both of its colors look extremely eye pleasing and gives it an elegant look. Choosing between colors totally depends on the wearer’s choice as we cannot judge the looks and style of this watch as both the colors are equally commendable.

Weight and Style:

  • Dial size: 4 x 4 x 1.15cm
  • Package size (L x W x H): 20.00 x 15.00 x 4.00 cm / 7.87 x 5.91 x 1.57 inches
  • Package weight: 0.1500 kg
  • Product size (L x W x H): 24.50 x 4.00 x 1.15 cm / 9.65 x 1.57 x 0.45 inches
  • Product weight: 0.1180 kg
  • Band size: 24.5 x 2.2cm

Package Contents:

In the box you get the Xiaomi CIGA Automatic Mechanical Watch along with a watch case or box that can be used for storing this watch.


The pros and cons of the Xiaomi Youpin CIGA Automatic Mechanical Watch are as follows-

Pros Cons
Stylish and increases the all-around demeanour of the wearer A little Expensive
Ergonomic and mechanical design Not so productive when compared to smartwatches.
Scratch resistant
Sapphire dial
Non-allergenic and skin friendly



Xiaomi CIGA mechaincal watch thoroughly stands out from the rest watches, in terms of design, compatibility and quality. The product is skin friendly and doesn’t cause any allergies to the wearer. It provides the convenience that the individual requires, being a hall mark style statement.

Though the watch is highly expensive, it is still on the top of the list because of its super design and trendiness. In all the watch is worth for people who love technology.


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