ARIA Waterproof Earbuds

Are you into jogging or riding bikes and find it challenging to manage earphones? Or maybe you are just a person who likes to stay away from wires and their tangles. Well, often we face irritation while using the traditional earphones which need to be connected to our phones or other devices through a wire. It is mainly because of the entangled issues that come with it like getting it wet accidentally and facing severe damage.

xFyro ARIA Waterproof Earbuds
xFyro ARIA Waterproof Earbuds

Aria is a brand that is developed to create unique wireless headphones for listeners who have a busy lifestyle or maybe just a fan of modern technology. The Aria Waterproof Earbuds is an IP67 certified waterproof and dustproof device that has Bluetooth 5 technology and 32-hour everlasting battery life. It is an experience worth the money. The price range starts from $99 with exciting package deals.

ARIA Waterproof Earbuds Review

ARIA is designed with unique features that not only make it a “must have” device but also a friend to have all day long with you.

Unique Design

Unboxing ARIA Waterproof Earbuds
Unboxing xFyro ARIA Waterproof Earbuds

The xFyro ARIA earbuds are designed smartly with magnetic bands inside the case. When you put the earbuds back in the case, they do not fall out. The case and the earbuds both are designed according to a person’s ears’ curves. This way you know your wireless earbuds will not get easily lost. The earbuds have a soft button on the outside of the device where you can press and experience one-click control to stop, play or pause your music. You can also pick or cut a call, even mute your device with the same controller.

Wireless Connectivity

wireless connectivity
No more entangled wires!

The researchers have spent months to collect ear type samples around the world to create a unique type of earbuds that fit everyone. Most importantly it has no wires! Not only do you enjoy the freedom from tangled wires but also enjoy the no-hand operation at ease. This device had hands-free controls that let you do your work while listening, changing or recording your tune.

Comes with Bluetooth 5.0

This is the latest Bluetooth technology in the market and ARIA has it covered for you. You can enjoy faster network and connectivity with your other devices. That means you can transfer or collect data faster than usual. Also, you have no fear of lagging or buffering. Bluetooth 5.0 is undoubtedly supreme than other technologies as it keeps your information secure like military grade security.

Noise Reduction

The xFyro ARIA Waterproof Earbuds are designed to give the listeners a noise-free experience with a stereo beat. The creators have given the product a CVC Noise Isolation technology that separates the user from the world and drags him in the world of music.

Totally Water and Dust Proof

ARIA Waterproof Earbuds
Waterproof Earbuds!!

The water and dust resistant coverage make it easier to use anywhere, anytime. Its IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating certifies it. It does not matter if you are chilling in a hot tub or walking on a rainy day, you can enjoy the beats without worrying about anything else.

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Long Lasting Battery Life

Now coming to the battery, it has a constant power for up to 32 hours. The initial 8 hours comes fully loaded with the earbuds and later on can be charged on and off up to 24 hours with the portable charging case. Which means, with a single charge you can enjoy your whole busy day while you have the backup option to charge it anytime needed. Win-win from both sides!

The award-winning designers and R&D team have created the device in a way that it can live up to 3 hours of musical experience just by charging for 15 minutes. This quality is an exciting package for the workaholics or fitness oriented people.

Auto Pairing is All You Need

Auto pairing
Auto pairing in Aria earbuds

xFyro ARIA earbuds come in a portable case which is a charger plus a router. Just keep the earbuds in the case and place it near your laptop, mobile or tab. The ARIA earbuds will connect automatically pair up with your gadgets and disconnect in the same way when you are done. The earbuds can stay connected to your devices at an effective radius on 35ft. You do not have to carry it around for a connection. It has an in-built LDS antenna to catch the signal and reduce noise interference.

Bottom Line

Crazy as it sounds, these sleek and modern earbuds are the most profitable ones for you. They will cost you around $99 – $150 (depending on your region) whereas an Apple Airpods will cost you $159 and $249 for Jabra Elite Sports earbuds.


  1. Hi pankaj…i would love to own these earbuds! But please let me know about the below queries:
    •This product is available in indiegogo and it is a fundraiser campaign which gives no assurance of guarenteed what to do?
    • there is no refund, then what is the approach on damaged product delivered ?
    • How much time will it take for exchange on delivery of damaged one?
    • how can we be assured that product will be delivered to given address ?( Is there any tracking update sent to mail ?)

    • Hey Gowtham,

      Here are the answers of all your query from the company itself.
      1) This product is available in Indiegogo and it is a fundraiser campaign which gives no assurance of guaranteed what to do?

      We understand your concerns but we have achieved, at this time of writing, 3450% of our initial goal which means we do not lack the budget to put this pair of earbuds in production. Our engineering and design team have already completed the designs and we are working closely with our suppliers to bring this product to our customers as soon as possible. We have been in the audio equipment industry for years now and known for our reliability and keeping the promises we make to our customers. So be rest assured that these earbuds will be delivered to your customers, while Indiegogo does not provide guaranteed delivery, this is a promise that xFyro can make.

      2) There is no refund, then what is the approach on damaged product delivered/

      We take great care to package our product to ensure that damage is prevented in delivery using shock absorption materials, in the rare case that it is damaged – I will personally make sure each individual case is dealt with until satisfaction

      3) How much time will it take for exchange on delivery of damaged one?

      We try to process any problems as soon as possible in a matter of a few business days.

      4) How can we be assured that product will be delivered to given address?( Is there any tracking update sent to mail? )

      When our products begin shipping out, we will provide updates to all of our backers.

  2. how would they work in a 25m swimming pool if the music device might be as far as 25m from the earphones?

    Bluetooth won’t work from this distance, especially when adding water to the equation

  3. Hi
    Is there any delivery to India. If yes, what is the additional shipping cost and will there be any additional customs duty levied.

    I case of any repair or damage after receiving the product how do we get refund of money

  4. with exact same specifications cheaper earbuds are available on amazon for 20-50 $. all of them, including Aria, are made in china. there is nothing novel or proprietary about these. just a money making scheme. this is a BS review.

  5. I’ve had mine a week. They’re terrible. Build quality poor, connectivity issues and sound quality is flat and tinny (despite having so-called 16mm drivers). Save your money and get something else.

  6. i ordered it but it got stuck in customs since they didnt describe what was in it and now customs wont give it to me and i writed the indiegogo about it and i havent heard anything from the creators… i feel pranked from my money….

  7. I had almost given up, wondering if I would ever receive my Aria earbuds in the USA, but they arrived today, March 22, 2019. It was easy to pair them with my iPad Pro. I am not a great audiophile, but the sound seemed very good to me. I have moderate hearing loss and have trouble hearing the car radio when the car is moving at interstate speeds, but I think that these will work well for me as they isolate the sound well. I have yet to try them out in the pool or at the gym.


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