15 Inch Wicue Electronic Writing Board Handwriting Smart Blackboard

Wicue 15-inch LCD Writing Tablet seems to be the basic version of the Wicue Writing Board which is electrically switchable and seems to captivate the mind of gadget lover. There are a large number of customers that prefer to purchase this electronic board as a true replacement to Pen and Paper.

Wicue LCD Writing Tablet

It is large size writing board that gives the feature of lucrative design and people find it easy to use. Since it has entered the market, individual are gazing to the product with the expectation of great quality and methods for meeting their multimedia demands. The device seems to captivate the attention of the user toward the application. Really love the system and the features!

 What you will love?

  • Lucrative Design
  • Large Writing Boards
  • Feature of ink-free and chalk-free
  • Great performance
  • Functionality of smooth writing on the screen.


  • Battery
  • Price

Wicue 15-inch LCD Writing Tablet Review

 Design of the Product

Wicue Electronic Writing Board will offer the feasibility to write on the screen chalk-free and ink-free thus reduce the issue of erasing with the left spot. The contents or words can easily be typed and deleted as per the requirement. Due to its large writing board, people are looking to try the gadget that might offer them the astonishing experience. I personally thought it is feature that would support the pros of the device and generates traffic toward the store for buying this product.

 Elimination of Eraser

Elimination of Eraser

The other feature that would captivate your mind is the elimination of markers and eraser. The writing board will not only offer you the astonishing writing experience but also eliminate the use of dry erase makers and has a high impact toward the sustainability of the environment.

By such feature we can conclude the fact that it is an eco-friendly product that you are looking for meeting the requirement of attaining great writing experience.

Through this you will be able to write the, memories and read afterward when you remembered the time or the loved ones with whom you have spent the time.

No electricity

This is the point that make you go for the product as there is no use of electricity in order to hold or write the  words or content. However, there is a requirement of small current while you are looking to delete the content that you have written prior.

One-click Eraser Features

With this features, students, teachers and other professional are able to cut down the issue of time assist would offer the feasibility to save the time which would be a lot in writing on a paper through pencil or pen. The device is very easy to use and grabs the ideas anytime.

Writing Board Application

This is the device that offers you the awesome writing experience and can be used for writing purpose in various places that are listed below

  • Training Room
  • Classroom
  • Office Meeting
  • Message Board


You have to pay US$ 83.94 for getting the 15 inch Wicue Electronic Writing Board Tablet which is a satisfactory amount for the purpose that would abolish the use of eraser and ink and thus support the feature of eco-friendly. However, there are still other products that offer such functionality in a low price.

Concluding point to the Wicue 15-inch LCD Writing Tablet review

While giving the concluding point I must say if you are looking to choose the writing board and has an average budget, then yes you can choose the product as there are lucrative benefits that, might attract you to the performance. Taken as the complete package Wicue 15-inch LCD Writing Tablet really does take some beating with respect to its price.  The feature of removing the eraser and ink seems to be the captivating feature of the product. The Wicue 15-inch LCD Writing Tablet can be a good option while you are looking to reduce the use of ink and eraser and supporting the eco-friendly. However, when we are looking at Cost Vs Performance you have the internet explore more products to get the idea regarding what more feature you requirement under this budget.

I would rate the product 4.5 star out of 5 stars. Hoping this review will assist you to make the appropriate decision.

Thank You!

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