Smartphones Are Targeted By Cybercriminals
Smartphones Are Targeted By Cybercriminals

These days, businesses have to go through a lot of challenging situations that were never an issue before modern technology. But that doesn’t mean that they can simply stop using technology.

While modernization has been incredibly useful for countless businesses, it has also made numerous companies targets for cybercrime. Therefore, companies need to understand the importance of quality cybersecurity before it’s too late.

Smartphones Are Targeted By Cybercriminals
Smartphones Are Targeted By Cybercriminals

You can find out many weaknesses in your company’s network by merely hiring a cyber security firm like Cytellingence to conduct a thorough cybersecurity audit. Along with that, you need to educate your employees on cybersecurity methods. The reason is that personal smartphones and your employees’ personal devices are much easier targets for cybercriminals. Let’s see how.

Bring Your Own Device

Over recent years, companies have started a ‘bring your own device’ policy. This is where the employees are allowed to bring their personal smartphones and devices into the workplace. It’s an extremely common practice in today’s world.

All of these devices present a significant problem for businesses because most of the employees might not have proper security in their gadgets. Therefore, they are commonly targeted by cybercriminals. If you are wondering how mobile phones are vulnerable, continue reading.

Smartphones Know Everything

The amount of information that is stored in smartphones these days has skyrocketed. People use their smartphones for everything these days.

Smartphones have a significant number of apps, then there is the browser history, and let’s not forget the calls and emails. Basically, a smartphone would know what restaurant you order from the most, who you are dating, your bank account details, and everything in between.

In other words, getting access to a smartphone is like hitting a gold mine for cybercriminals. Since mobiles are not well protected these days, the gold is not that hard to find.

Autofill Is Being Widely Used

People have gotten quite familiar with the incredible technology called autofill. The feature is embedded in most keyboards of handheld devices. It seems to remember the most frequent phrases or words the user inputs.

So the next time the user wants to type in their email for something, the autofill will suggest it as soon as they enter a couple of letters. That can be incredibly convenient for the users, and it’s a great feature. Nevertheless, people don’t think about the security risks that could amount to them personally and to their employers.

Mobiles Can Track Locations

Smart handheld devices have a common GPS feature that can be incredibly handy. People use it to find a place they want to visit or order a ride from a ride-sharing service like Uber, for instance. In both cases, incredibly helpful.

However, hacking into another device’s GPS is something that the majority of cybercriminals know how to do because it’s not a big challenge. That way, a hacker can find out where the users work, which would be your company. Suppose the hacker wants to get into your company. In that case, they can simply wait for that mobile’s user to connect to the Wi-Fi, plug the device into a computer, or do something else.

Smartphones Can Give Direct Access to the User’s Wallet

Apps and websites have made lives so much easier that people don’t feel the need to do a lot of things anymore.

For instance, you want to pay all of your bills that came this month, you simply take out your phone and pay. You want to transfer some cash instantly to someone, you take out your phone and do it. So incredibly convenient, right?

But the thing is, these are the reasons why cybercriminals target smartphones.


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