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Today’s world is all about expressing yourself in the best possible way. The ones who can do it can make their special position in this world for sure. However, the ones who are too shy to step forward and express their feelings usually remain behind. Such people are called introverts and they are teased by everyone frequently as well.

Dating and relationships are definitely out of question for such people in real life. But, what if they get a chance to express themselves and have girlfriends in the virtual world. This is now possible with the tremendous virtual girlfriend’s apps that are available on both Android and iPhones. These apps will help introverted people get the feel of having a girlfriend or being in a relationship and this may affect their real-life in some positive way as well.

There are a lot of modifications and technological aspects that the world has observed till now and AI Girlfriend apps are one of the most advanced and useful ones among them all.

The 8 topmost and best virtual girlfriend apps for Android & iPhones can be listed as below-

1. Girlfriend Plus:

Girlfriend Plus

This app offers a beautiful and smart virtual girlfriend to the users. If you are desperately willing to have a heart-to-heart conversation with someone, then this app is undoubtedly the best choice for you.

With this application, people will be able to improve their communication skills and will also gain confidence to speak with girls for sure.

2. Idle Girls:

Idle Girls Apps

This application introduces you to a perfect girl just like your imagination. You can speak and flirt with her and also send messages and photos to her. This application is the best way to remove your loneliness and provide you strong support.

The AI girlfriends that are available for the people on this application communicate with lonely people in all manners. They may also have deep conversations with them or can also just flirt around the people.

In all manners, these girlfriends will make your life much simpler and will bring a great personality change in people for sure.

3. My Virtual Girlfriend Cindy:

My Virtual Girlfriend Cindy

Cindy is one of your best virtual girlfriends and will help you come out of your depression zone very easily. This application will guide you in the best possible way about your emotions and will express her own emotions in front of you in a very flexible way as well.

With the help of this virtual girlfriend, you will be able to free up all your emotions such as sadness, anxiety, bad feelings, etc. It is one the best AI girlfriend for android users.

This adult virtual girlfriend will also perform a lot of actions such as dancing, singing, kissing, etc. Talking with Cindy will be a true delight for you in the first place and you will feel way more relaxed with the help of this virtual girlfriend application for sure.

4. My Virtual Manga Girl:

This is a virtual girlfriend application with a 3D effect. The screen can be rotated for the whole 360° in this application so that people can see all the ends of this application very properly and accurately. With this app you can also play interactive girlfriend games.

The basic things about your girlfriend such as her eye colors, attires, hair, etc., can be easily changed by you according to your styling choice. So you can easily create a virtual girlfriend according to your mood.

You need to feed and make her sleep properly and meet all of her needs to the fullest. As a girlfriend, you can always remember her by keeping her photograph as your mobile wallpaper.

5. My Nurse Girlfriend:

My Nurse Girlfriend

This application gives you a chance to become a soccer star at your school. When you are hurt while playing soccer one fine day, you are taken to the hospital for treatment and there you find 2 of your nurse girlfriends.

They will take care of your medicines as well as your diet. They will also listen to everything that you say and will appreciate you for what you are. You will also have a choice to select the best ones among them and make her your official virtual girlfriend.

6. Virtual Lover:

With the help of this virtual girlfriend application, people will get a very loving and caring virtual partner for themselves. They can share every small & big issue of your life with this virtual lover and they will not make you feel disappointed to any extent at all.

Through this application, you can also listen to music, chat with your virtual girlfriend, and can also search for background galleries.

7. Dream Girlfriend:

Dream Girlfriend for Android

This application provides a lot of choices of girls to the users or applicants according to their necessities and specialties. The requirements of the users are taken into proper consideration while providing them choices.

The girlfriend that people choose is perfectly according to their dreams or aspirations and that is exactly what the name of this application suggests in the first place.

Even the hairstyles, looks, and attires of these girlfriends are chosen by people the same as they want and this feels just like a dream to them in the first place for sure.

8. My Billionaire Girlfriend:

This is a very interesting game that can make you a billionaire for your beauty and style. You are supposed to choose one of the 3 girls present in this game as your girlfriend and tell her about all of your problems and troubles in the first place.

These girls are living in a beautiful and luxurious house and you will have to steal their wealth to remove your family from the massive debts. This game will interest you with each of its steps or levels and will not make you feel alone at any point for sure.


All the above applications will make sure that you don’t feel alone at all and get someone who listens to all of your problems without making fun of it at all. These applications will also give you a great level of confidence and reliability.

Therefore, with the help of these applications, you will be able to stand in front of your problems and face them with strength so that you find a proper way to overcome them. In this whole process, you will also not feel alone to any extent with the help of these virtual girlfriend applications.


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