A truck simulator is a video game that lets you drive a truck much as you would in real life. To begin with, the truck simulator game itself allows you to drive throughout a massive territory without ever leaving your room or venturing outside.

If you’ve ever wanted to acquire a feel for driving an enormous 18-wheeler, truck simulator games are likely the most acceptable choice.

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Here is a hand-picked and well-tested list of the top truck simulator games for Android-

1. Euro Truck Sim Truck Trailer Driver

Euro Truck Sim Truck Trailer Driver

This Android truck simulator game is undoubtedly popular among people of all ages, both young and old. Thanks to its high-definition graphics and easy controls, Euro Truck Sim Truck Trailer Driver 2018 may be your go-to truck simulator for relaxing after a long day of work or play.

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2. World Truck Driving Simulator

World Truck Driving Simulator

The graphic quality of most mobile games is lesser than that of P.C. games. This is the game for you if you want graphics similar to those seen in P.C. games. The World Truck Driving Simulator mobile app is now available.

The game is around 740 M.B. in size. The World Truck Driving Simulator pays close attention to the smallest of details.

Despite having pretty realistic visuals, it includes several setup choices that allow it to function on less powerful phones and tablets.

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3. Truck Simulator: Ultimate

Truck Simulator for Android

One of the most aesthetically stunning truck simulators for Android is this one. You’ll need at least Android 7 and 2 G.B. of RAM to run it at its lowest level.

Create a logistics network for your clients by establishing your company in one of the most developed countries.

This is the first time a simulation and a tycoon game have ever been integrated into a single game. More than 32 different American and European vehicles are available to play with. However, even though there are only a limited number of trucks accessible.

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4. Silk Road Truck Simulator

Silk Road Truck Simulator

Silk Road Truck Simulator is a brand-new truck simulation game in the genre. This 18-wheeler semi-truck simulator features superb graphics and realistic controls. Silk Road Cargo Truck Simulator may be downloaded for free.

The Silk Road, a historic trade route between China with the West, moved goods and ideas for thousands of years between the two great civilizations of Rome and China.

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5. Truck Simulator USA

Truck Simulator USA

This gaming experience is radically different from any of the other truck driving simulators discussed thus far in this article. The approach adopted by the developers seems to be notably different from that taken by the developers of the other games.

The game size is around 169 MB, and it is free to download and play. The most excellent choice if you’re interested in exploring the many freeways that stretch throughout the whole continent of North and South America.

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6. UltimateTruck Simulator

UltimateTruck Simulator

It is equivalent to some other Android truck simulators, and it might be a solution for those of you who would want to experience being a truck driver on a thrilling and adventurous road by transporting goods from one city to another in Ultimate Truck Simulator by transferring stuff from one location to another.

It seems that the game’s traffic system is also realistic because it is identical to the real-world traffic system.

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7. Trash Truck Simulator

Trash Truck Simulator

Instead of driving a standard truck across the nation or the continent, as required by the other games on this list, Trash Truck Simulator asks you to gather the trash from various locations throughout the city to progress. When driving a garbage truck in a town, one’s driving talents are ultimately tested. To pick up your cargo and bring it to the waste disposal facility, you will need to weave through traffic and make multiple stops.

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More Best Truck Simulator Games for Android


These are the most realistic truck simulator games you can find on the internet. Virtual reality simulations are the most popular video game, and they are also the most widely available.

Real-world simulations are often the objective of simulator games, which strive to be as accurate as possible in their representations of the real world. The Google Play Store offers a selection of the top truck simulator games for Android smartphones, which you can download.


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