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History proves that writing has been part of all the cultures around the world for as long as we can remember. Whether we trace it back to the stone ages or take a look at contemporary times, writing has always been in a fashion. But it has never come in isolation. Even in the olden days, people would always look for tools that could help them perfect this skill. The demand for impeccable writing, either fiction, non-fiction, or academic, is increasing with every passing moment.

The good news is, there are some great tools available in the market that can help you improve and perfect this highly beneficial skill. So, if you are thinking of jumping into the market of writers or perhaps you have been in the industry and want to work more on your talent, then keep reading this article, because we have put together a list of top writing tools.

Before taking a look at our top picks, it is necessary to mention the tool without which you would not even be able to access any of the other tools we have mentioned below. It is a tool for internet connection. Without the internet in your hand, you can neither show the world your writing skills nor can you can enlist help from some of the greatest apps and tools to perfect them. This is why we recommend getting a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP) like Cox Communications to enjoy superfast internet and a stable connection. So, as a new subscriber, if you want to learn more about it, then visit Cox en Español to communicate with its customer support team in your language. The agents will guide you regarding plans, packages, and installation.

Keeping this in view, let’s get started with our list of some of the best writing tools every writer like you should know about.

1.      LibreOffice

Everyone is well aware of Microsoft Windows and we cannot deny its importance at all, however, there is one drawback to it; you have to purchase it in order to use it. This is where LibreOffice comes into play. LibreOffice is sort of a counterpart of Microsoft but you can use it without any cost.

A tool is open-source software that is compatible with all the regular files you can get from MS Office. This includes; .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, and .pptx.

So, if you have been finding it hard to get your hands on Microsoft Office, then look no further because this amazing tool is here to offer you all that you look for in the former.

2.      Hemingway

Hemingway is a grammar tool that can be used for the purpose of counting words and checking readability scores. It essentially transforms your writing from bland and hard-to-understand to a smooth read and clear. The app is quite popular amongst writers, primarily because it offers various features that can help you in improving your writing and its validity.

Hemingway editor highlights lengthy and complex errors and further helps you in tackling the problem by eradicating such mistakes. It highlights your text in yellow, red, purple, blue, and green based on the various mistakes.

All you need to do is simply paste the text and let it work its magic on it.

3.      Reedsy Book Editor

Traditionally, writers have always used MS Word to write their books and turn them into the manuscript. But why work harder when there is a fantastic tool like Reedsy Book Editor that can format your books as a work of a professional by turning them into a ready-to-publish manuscript?

This online word processor is enough for you to get the motivation to keep going so you can see the final look of your book. It offers several functions like an automatic spell checker and a built-in goal reminder system that can help you in getting all your work done within an already set deadline.

In addition to this, Reedsy Book Editor can also be used for collaborative editing, which means, your editors and co-authors can edit your book in real-time and give you the manuscript for revision without you having to send them the draft again and again.

4.      The Novel Factory

Are you thinking of joining the all-fictional-writers club? Well, start by checking out this amazing app. The Novel Factory is one of the best novels you can find that can help you write an outstanding novel. This software can be used on the web or as an app for Windows.

Essentially, The Novel Factory provides you with a step-by-step tutorial to write a novel. Even if you are an amateur, this tool will help you produce a work of a professional.

5.      Grammarly

Okay, here is the truth: we cannot imagine writing even a single page on Mircosoft Word without using Grammarly. It has become an essential tool for writers of all types. Whether it is for blogging purposes, academic writing, or simply for writing a book, everyone uses Grammarly to make sure their text looks clean, coherent, concise, and that too with the right kind of tone that can attract maximum readers.

Even if you go for its free version or sign yourself up for the premium version, the app still continues to make your life a whole lot easier. Plus, it is super easy to use. You can either choose to run your entire text through it after getting done with the writing or keep checking it in Grammarly as you write it.

The Bottom Line

Writing is one of the coolest jobs in the world but it is not easy as people might think. This is why it is important to seek help from some of the best tools available in the market. So, if you have been on the hunt for an effective writing tool, then check out the ones mentioned above and start producing professional-looking work.


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