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A prank call is one of the popular ways to see your friend’s and family’s reactions and make their fun. But most people have your phone number on their mobile, therefore, you can’t easily do any prank call so here is another way to make fun of your friends. Prank call websites will help you to do a practical joke on your friends or families and this prank will irritate your friends.

You should know that many people use this way to threaten people and give trouble to everyone. You should strictly make the prank call for only fun purposes. There are many websites which you can use to make a prank on your friends and families. But before that, you should know the working process of all these websites.

How do prank call websites work?

The working process of the prank websites is simple and it is much more similar to the VOIP apps. You can use this website to irritate your friends and see their reactions. You can also capture this moment for fun. You have to call your friend from these prank websites then they will transfer your call from the IP gateway. After the IP gateway, your call transmits from the internet to the mobile network which will connect you to your friend.

From this process, your friend will not able to see your phone number and it will help you to do a practical joke on your friends and families. This is modern technology and most of the companies are using this technology to make a channel in between landline and VOIP.

There are several reasons why this website is used by several people. Most people want to do a practical joke on their friends and families just for fun or to irritate them. Some people also do it because they want to take revenge on the past. You can also prank call your boss and company colleagues to see their reactions.

Best prank call websites –

Following are some best prank call websites that you can use to do a prank on your friends. You will get different services from different websites. You can choose any appropriate websites from the names of the following websites.

  • Blow up the phone


Blow up the phone is one of those websites that will make you laugh until your stomach hurts. They’ve got all sorts of funny pranks like “Plumbing Invoice Due” or  “Why are You Calling Me” Classic!

The best part about this site? The wide variety to choose from; it’s not just a single type either – there are many different options to suit any taste and humor. You can also control How fast and how many prank texts to send on your friends phone, so check out Blow Up the Phone today!

  • PrankDial –


You will get several types of pranks on these websites. You just have to choose the best prank and send it to your friend via this website. You can send this prank for free from this website. For the great pranks ideas, you can search on browser or Internet. For sending pranks to your friends and family you just have to enter their mobile number on the website.  You also have to use the country code for great service. After this step, you just have to push the send button to send a video prank to your friend.

  • Prankowl –


This is one of the best prank call websites that will provide you with a free prank call service. You will get a call recording feature from this website and you can also hear the final call recording. You can also use the feature from this website such as appearing your phone number as an unknown number on your friend’s mobile phone. You will get all these features for free and you can also use premium features such as earning tokens from this website.

  • Wacky Prank Calls –

Wacky Prank Calls

You will get several options of prank calls to choose from for free. You just have to add the victim’s name and phone number on this website. You can also choose what number you want to appear on your friend’s mobile phone during the prank. You can also get the best Frank ideas from the Internet. For this website, you don’t have to download any software.

  • Comedy Calls –

Comedy Calls

On this website, you will see many categories of funny and humorous calls which you can send to your friends and family. For using this website for prank calm you just have to choose the best prank from the category and enter your friend’s number who you want to irritate. After this step, you just have to click the send button.

  • Phone losers –

Phone losers

Phone losers are the best website in America and it will also provide you with funny and ridiculously humorous pranks. You just have to record your call in the MP3 file and send it to the website. You will see the great reaction of your friends and families after this prank call. All the pranks are for free.

  • EasyPrank –


This website is one of the best prank call websites online. You can send various prank calls anonymously from this website. You just have to choose the great prank from the list of prank calls on this website. You can also hear the final recording of the prank call before sending it to your friends. All the services of this website are for free.


All the websites are some of the best websites which you can use to have some fun with your friends and families. You just have to remember that you can’t use these websites to hurt anyone’s feelings.


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