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Games are one of the most entertaining tasks when we are getting bored, and playing games with our loved ones or friends is one of the most enjoyable tasks.

Gaming can be a platform for healthy communication between your friends and loved ones. You can engage in gaming for hours with your loved ones.

There is a perception that a person enjoys, only when he plays high graphics games which need a lot of technical specifications on the computer. But this is incorrect .io games are highly also engaging and don’t require any technical specifications.

Anyone who has access to the internet can play these games for free. They are great time killers, and people are now earning a lot of money by streaming these games on platforms like Twitch and Youtube.

What is a .io game actually?

If you don’t know about Io games, then don’t worry, we will tell you. In simple words, Io games are those games that can be played on a browser for free.

So you can also say browser games. These games are also available offline and don’t require much memory and technical specifications. Anyone from any age group can play these games easily.

If you are looking for online io games or good browser games to play with friends, read this article.

 8 Best .io games to play with friends

Let’s see some of the best .io games to play with your friends-

1) Agar.Io


This is one of the best and highly entertaining io games. At the start of the game, all players are small, and their goal is to increase their size to dominate the game. Every player has to eat microbes around the arena. As you eat microbes, you will get bigger, and after eating all your friends, you will win the game. This is a survival game where you have to become the last one standing to win the game.

2) Surviv.Io


Today battle royal games are top-rated, and Surviv.Io can be your choice if you love playing battle royal games. This internet browser game will provide you a complete battle royal experience as you can team up in pairs to struggle with your enemy. You will also get various weapons and ammunition in your way to make your experience the best. From assault rifles to long-range snipers and from shotguns to SMGs, you will get everything to win your battle.

3) Paper.Io


Paper.IO is a relaxing game, and you will never get bored while playing this game. It is also a very creative game as you have to create an empire for the paper using Arrow keys. Try to cover the most significant area possible with your paper color. You can eliminate other players by running into their incomplete sections. The game is all about your creativity and art skills. The game can be over within a few seconds if you are excellent in your art & craft skills. It is one of the best .io team games.

4) Slither.Io


Whether he is a kid or an older man, everyone has played the classic snake game on Nokia phones.Slither.Io is inspired by the same classic snake game and offers you your child experience. The upgrade is that different players can play this game together. The game works the same way: you have to slither around in the arena, and your score will increase as you eat food particles. Also, the snake will get bigger after eating food particles. Players are eliminated if the head of the snake collides with the body of another snake.

5) Gartic.Io


Gartic.IO is a different yet highly engaging Io game. It will give you a new experience as this is not a typical battle royal or survival game. This is a charades style game to test your knowledge and thinking skills. One player draws a designated word, and another player has to guess that word. It is among the best fun io games to play with friends. You can play this game in the language of your choice, and playing this game with friends will give you the best gaming experience.

6) Zombs.Io


Zombie games are top-rated nowadays, and a lot of individuals play zombie-inspired games. Even the concept of zombies is now available in high graphics games also. The Zombs.Io is another engaging and entertaining game. This game is exciting as firstly, and you have to make your defenses, bases and gather resources in the daytime. And at night, you have to defend your defenses and bases by fighting with zombies. The game will become more challenging when you grew your bases and empire.

7) Diep.Io


Diep.Io is also inspired by the classic tank game, a popular game among kids of all generations. In this game, you will get tanks to destroy your enemy tanks and obstacles. As you destroy blocks or enemy tanks, you will get points. The best thing is you can upgrade your tank with the points earned. You can change your tank’s body as you level up. Also, you can add a lot of weapons like double barrels, a machine gun, triple barrels, a sniper model, and many more to make your tank more destructive.

8) Deeeep.Io


If you love exploring the sea and underwater adventures, you should try Deeeep.IO.This game is different from other typical Io games. Your fish has to explore the sea and eat food to dominate underwater. You will also have to engulf other sea beasts. You will get different underwater animals options, and you will get the capabilities of the particular sea animal you have chosen. Many variations and options are available in the game to give the best and engaging gaming experience.


These are some of the best io games to play with friends. Just open your browser and start playing these amazing games with your friends and loved ones to kill your time. You will feel relaxed and happy after playing these games. Don’t worry; anyone on any computer can play this game easily for free.


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