Men, it is time you start planning your summer vacations and packing your travel backpacks, visit idkmen if you need one. To those who are still undecided as to where they should spend their holiday (and money), we bring you top 5 summer destinations for men.

#5 San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico


San Juan is a place with excellent food, exciting parties, and beautiful women. Puerto Rico’s warm climate and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world make it an ideal summer destination.

San Juan is also notable for the Old San Juan, part of the city that reflects on Puerto Rico’s colonized history, featuring Spanish architecture and design. Maybe you meet some Sanjuaneros, eat some mofongos and drink a large mojito.

The city is vibrant, alive, ideal for young and middle-aged businesspeople, bloggers and entrepreneurs. The great thing about the San Juan is its broad touristic offer. Whether you are interested in history, art, music, cuisine, or just parties, you’ll find plenty of everything in San Juan.

#4 London, England


Let’s face it; you can visit London anytime, and you would still have a fantastic time. Why? Rich culture, famous nightclubs, pubs on every corner, and affordable accommodation (if you look hard enough).

London features thousands of attractions (free and paid), traditional English Afternoon Tea, English breakfast, diverse food (due to diverse London culture) and classic riverside pubs.

Naturally, soccer and tennis lovers will enjoy London’s rich sports history, since it is a home of Wimbledon and four Premiership teams. City also offers a lot of outdoor and wildlife activities, featuring a lot of big-sized parks (Hyde Park comes to mind) and botanical gardens.

At night, you should climb some of its tallest skyscrapers and watch the River Thames flowing its course (it’s just breathtaking). While the city is vibrant and passionate, those who seek peace and comfort can find it in London’s canals and parks.

#3 Ibiza, Spain

 Ibiza, Spain


If you are looking for parties (and parties), and parties, Ibiza is the place for you. Seriously, Ibiza has fantastic nightlife, unique beaches, warm sea and beautiful Spanish women. People are kind and friendly, sealife free to explore (scuba diving), food and drinks delicious (especially the wine).

Those with great budgets can try Ibiza’s luxurious accommodations, but we suggest you find accommodation amongst local people. And if you are seafood lover, you’ll enjoy Ibiza’s fresh, out of the seafood.

It has some of the most fantastic sunsets, especially during summer. You should also explore Ibiza’s rich architectural history (definitely visit Alta Vila. For peace and meditation, visit Ibiza’s most famous yoga places.

#2 Las Vegas, USA

las vegas


Did you really believe I was gonna skip it? Known as the Sin City, Las Vegas is the embodied men’s heaven on Earth: gambling, drinking, and women. Don’t get me wrong; Las Vegas isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But, it is the perfect place for letting off some steam and getting rid of that accumulated stress.

Drive down the Strip, enjoy the steamy weather (in Las Vegas, it’s almost always summer) and cool yourself on the Hoover Dam. You should know that Las Vegas is the master of service, featuring professional personal, from Blackjack dealers to regular waitress.

While the Sin City is known for parting and gambling, it has a vibrant culture, plenty of museums (especially Neon Musem). The city also has somewhat contradictory landscape, featuring deserts and mountains (just visit the Mount Charleston).

And don’t forget, it Las Vegas knows how to entertain its guests. It offers plenty of live shows, stand up comedians, plays, and so forth. It is often home to presidential debates. In short, Las Vegas is for those who want to celebrate life!

#1 Bangkok, Thailand



Bangkok has floating markets; I rest my case. Jokes aside, Bangkok is arguably one of the most famous world’s destinations, especially during summer. Its street food, open street markets, and chaotic transportation are ideal for people who want to broaden their horizons and enjoy their life.

Bangkok offers luxurious but affordable accommodation and fantastic nightlife. It is as if every building in Bangkok is either a bar or a restaurant. And after a night of partying, enjoy a Thai massage.

And we didn’t even touch on Bangkok’s rich culture and history, the Grand Palace and the Wat Pho. Most importantly, if you are indecisive as to where you should go, just pack your travel backpacks and go to Bangkok. There, you can find virtually anything you need.


Naturally, this is a very short list and could have included some other, famous destinations (such as New York, Barcelone, Rome, Dubrovnik, etc). Still, we firmly believe in our picks. Whatever destination you choose, make sure you pack everything you need (visit idkmen) and bring a lot of cash!



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