Leaked “Sonic Screwdriver” Project CIA to Hack Apple

Wikileaks leaks more documents about CIA. In this leaks there is “Sonic Screwdriver” Project from CIA that is intended to hack and inject infection to an apple device. This is a mechanism that runs in booting process, and can hack even password that protects boot process. 

This attract all the world to it, and this is a great threat to user privacy and data.

May be this is the time that people become aware of what is really going on, and that’s not good.

Wikileaks Previously had tons of documents and information about all CIA hacking tools, have you read it? You should, trust me.

Anyway, how does it work?

  • It works via USB Drive as documents says.
  • While Booting it get itself into firmware.
  • Even firmware is password protect it get in.
  • It will modified the Firmware.
  •  it will not remove even If you reinstall the firmware again.
  • It will collect the information and send it to CIA.

After this leak, once again, it is really important for everyone to reconsider the use of a device. Nowadays there is no method to remove these malwares, so be careful when you surf on the net and what you do with your device. It’s something that can reveal itself harmful to you, too.

We are in a period that is revealing a lot of shock news, but if you think, you have always known that things too, but you didn’t want to admit them because they were to scary to be real. Now you know that every phone is breakable, Google and Apple try to keep people calm about which one is the most secure OS.. as you can see, no one is.

Open your eyes, this is all true and may be this is just the beginning of a long series of other shocking news.



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