This is one of the most important events happened at Samsung: Lee Jae-yong, future hair to the Samsung empire, is on trial.

Lee Jae-yong, 48 years old, is the vice chairman of Samsung Electronics, he has studied in Harvard and in last years he contributed to make Samsung as great as it is now.

The chairman, his father, suffered of an heart attack on 2014 and actually we don’t exactly know who is running the place, all we know is that Samsung stated that all the operations are lead by its three co-CEOs that are trying to give their best to overcome Lee’s absence.

Let’s come back to Jae-yong

Lee and four other Samsung chiefs are accused of offering bribes to the South Korean president who has been at the center of a political scandal last year. South Korean Supreme court will decide its fate tomorrow.

Ok but, what does Samsung matter?

Prosecutors stated that Lee and other executors gave $38 million bribes to some organizations controlled by the president.

According to some hearings, all that money will be used to buy horses for his daughter and other $19 million to her sponsor.

Of course Samsung is accused of covering these payments that are overall, $26 million.

Why Samsung would do such thing? Weren’t their problems enough?

If Jae-yong could have been the new chairman, I think that now he can totally exclude this option since he will go through 5 years jail. As we know he will, or maybe they will give other bribes to get him out.

Samsung and in particular Lee, denied all the charges made against him and the company is supporting him.

“Samsung has not paid bribes nor made improper requests seeking favors, future court proceedings will reveal the truth.”

What about Lee?

He told about some wrongdoing facts, but even if he will be found guilty… he may not loose its chairman charge… why?

Lee Jun-hee, another great member has had two trials about tax evasion and birbery..do you know what happened?

He had two presidential pardons.

Corruption in Samsung is much common than we think and we may see, within some years, Lee Jae-yong as the new chairman in charge.


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