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Google is the best working place

Fortune has made a list of best places to work in, and Google is the first. It's not the first time that Google is considered...

Samsung: Lee Jae-yong is on trial

This is one of the most important events happened at Samsung: Lee Jae-yong, future hair to the Samsung empire, is on trial. Lee Jae-yong, 48...

Google Store became “global”

It's official, starting from today you can buy a product on the Google Store that is sold in a foreign country! Yes, it's awesome. Before you could...

Whatsapp beta got some changes!

If you use WhatsApp beta, you're lucky there are some nice updates in the box! According to the latest update (2.17.93) it has introduced some little changes...
xiaomi mi 5c

Introducing The Xiaomi MI 5c : A Review

Xiaomi has decided to follow in the footsteps of rivals Apple, Samsung and Huawei by creating it’s first phone powered by it’s own in...
operating systems

Most used operating systems, the verdict

Android is growing up day after day and it's trying to overcome the widely used Windows. Last time we analysed how was Smartphone marketing going...

HOW TO build Android ROM Part 3/3

Android Development - Compilation and building In this last tutorial of the series I'll show you how to build our final product, the custom ROM for...

List of all android devices codenames

If you have followed our series about HOW build a custom Android ROM, you wll surely need your device codename. In fact here you can...

HOW TO build Android ROM Part 2/3

Android development - Downloading sources In this second part, I'll show you how to download the sources, needed to build the ROM for your device. If...

How to build Android ROM Part 1/3

Android Development - Setting up the environment Often your device comes with a not so optimized stock ROM, and after some usage it gets laggy...

Changes to Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus release date

Schedule change: Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus will be launched on 28th April There was almost official that these two smatphones will be released on...

HOW TO exclude a website from adblock

AdBlock is a nice tool that, how the word says, blocks all the ads visible on every page you visit. You know that people use...

HOW TO root Xiaomi Mi5C

Mi5C is the newest android smartphone produced from the chinese brand. This Mi5C has some nice news under the box, let's see them! CPU: The...

LT – How to track your PC in a easy...

Login Tracker (LT) is a simple program designed for Windows, that can track when your PC is powered on. Maybe you are asking why doing such...

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