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The historical Google Talk is living its last days of life

Google Talk was still in use? Did you know that? Probably few, as the historical chat service for Gmail users has been replaced from 2013 by Hangouts, however, he had left Google users the...
nasa eo1

NASA’s EO-1 satellite comes to an end, later than expected.

NASA’S Earth Observing-1 satellite mission was supposed to last just a year. It did that, and then survived 16 more.  It’s been a test ground for everything and nasa did an awesome job with it. Already out of...

Microsoft brought to the court: Windows 10 fault

Microsoft is on trial... Three citizens of Illinois are planning to bring Microsoft to court due to Windows 10 update, which would lead to the loss of data and damage of the computer. The prosecution,...

PlayStore will offer you paid apps for free every week

Google will give a free paid app a week on the PlayStore, do you like it? PlayStore, big news about it: the initiative will bring the curators of the Mountain View home to put in...

Essential: Andy Rubin startup shows its smartphone concept

Despite some mishap due to some lenders who would withdraw prematurely, the draft Essential, Andy Rubin startup that promises to create a revolutionary smartphone, seems to be in a good position. Essential: it's the same...

Samsung Galaxy Note7 will be re-launched soon

It was months since rumors were running about, and even official denials, but apparently there was truth in the Galaxy Note7 will be back on sale, in the form of reconditioned phone or hire. "Note7...
xiaomi mi5c

Xiaomi Mi 5C overheating Get best solution here

If your Xiaomi Mi5c is getting Overheat then we have solution for you. You have to change many things in your mobile. First i didn't believe in when MASC told me that something bad was...

Runtastic Pro for free using our promo code! JUST TODAY

Runtastic raises promotion that allows everyone to have free Pro functionality of its application by entering the code "NOW4FREE". Runtastic is one of the best fitness apps in the PlayStore, it is full of handy...

Google smart commands that will improve your life

Google is the most used search engine all over the world thanks to its speed and usefulness. Every one of us has done a single search on it, but may be you have never do what...

O – Full review of the new Android version

Android O (oreo ?!), all information about it here Like last year, Google dropped the first preview build for the upcoming Android version a couple of months ahead of Google I/O. This year, the first...
huawei GR3

Huawei GR3 2017 Specifications and Introduction

Huawei GR3 is new device under Huawei flagship. GR3 is 5.2 Inch screen smartphone that runs on Android 7.0. It is equipped with 3GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. 4G/3G/2G Network supported in this...
albanian virus

Albanian Virus A kind of Funny virus but Seriously Damage System

Albanian virus looks like a funny virus type because the screen it show quite funny. But do not go on its funny things. It can damage your system pretty hard. What type of this virus...
kingo device not connected

Kingo root unknown network error How to solve this

If you are using a PC version of Kingo and facing "kingo root unknown network error"  then we have solution for you. Kingo is best in root and its success rate is also very...

Leaked “Sonic Screwdriver” Project CIA to Hack Apple

Wikileaks leaks more documents about CIA. In this leaks there is "Sonic Screwdriver" Project from CIA that is intended to hack and inject infection to an apple device. This is a mechanism that runs in...
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Smartwatches Reviews

10 Best Apple Smartwatch alternatives for iPhone Users

apple watch alternative
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No.1 F5 Review: Perfect Budget smartwatch for health conscious people!

No.1 F5 Smartwatch Review
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Top 10 Best Chinese Smartwatches under $100 [2018]

We have to tell you a truth, smartwatches are still new gadgets that still has to attack...

No.1 F5 Smartwatch now available for per-order at $29.99!

No.1 F5 Smartwatch
No.1 F5 Smartwatch launched at banggood at as low as $29.99! Smartwatches has become a new fashion trend...

INCHOR InClock SmartWatch Review– Things to know before buy

INCHOR InClock SmartWatch Review
Many people from all over the world enjoy the popularity of activity and fitness trackers. However, in...

Handson Review

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