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Google smart commands that will improve your life

Google is the most used search engine all over the world thanks to its speed and usefulness. Every one of us has done a single search on it, but may be you have never do what...

O – Full review of the new Android version

Android O (oreo ?!), all information about it here Like last year, Google dropped the first preview build for the upcoming Android version a couple of months ahead of Google I/O. This year, the first...
huawei GR3

Huawei GR3 2017 Specifications and Introduction

Huawei GR3 is new device under Huawei flagship. GR3 is 5.2 Inch screen smartphone that runs on Android 7.0. It is equipped with 3GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. 4G/3G/2G Network supported in this...
albanian virus

Albanian Virus A kind of Funny virus but Seriously Damage System

Albanian virus looks like a funny virus type because the screen it show quite funny. But do not go on its funny things. It can damage your system pretty hard. What type of this virus...
kingo device not connected

Kingo root unknown network error How to solve this

If you are using a PC version of Kingo and facing "kingo root unknown network error"  then we have solution for you. Kingo is best in root and its success rate is also very...

Leaked “Sonic Screwdriver” Project CIA to Hack Apple

Wikileaks leaks more documents about CIA. In this leaks there is "Sonic Screwdriver" Project from CIA that is intended to hack and inject infection to an apple device. This is a mechanism that runs in...
dogee phablet

DOOGEE explains: Why a phablet is better than a tablet

Although the tablet market has long been facing a period of stagnation, there are still many users who use them to play games or watch movies. If at home it is an acceptable solution, it...
s8 price

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus: prices and colors

Thanks to an our personal source, we are now able to exclusively reveal the prices, availability and colors about the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in Europe. Let's start by telling you that not...
symantec google

Google Marked Symantec untrustworthy And Pointed it as corrupt “Certificate Authorities”

Google Chrome will no longer Trust Symantec TLS  certificate.  Symantec the largest security firm has been declared untrustworthy to be included in browsers' list of trusted parties. Google says it caught Symantec issuing more than...
note 7 charging

Samsung disables battery charging on Note 7

You know what happened with the unlucky Samsung Galaxy Note 7, if not, let me explain you.. It seemed an amazing phone, but not at all. It happened that it took fire, randomly, even if...
s8 specs

Samsung Galaxy S8 full specifications

Galaxy S8 is one of the most awaited phones of 2017, here are full phone specs! As we saw before, its preorders start on 29th March in most European countries. Status 29th March Display 5.80" Resolution 1440 x 2960 pixels Pixel density 568 ppi CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon...

Has Nougat improved or not your Android device?

It was March 9, 2016 when, to everyone's amazement, Google released the first developer preview of Android 7.0 Nougat that later, after 5 experimental release, resulted in the official version number 7 of Android...
lgg3 nougat

OFFICIAL: LG won’t update LG G3 to Nougat

Users LG standing, sleep soundly: LG G4 (H815) and LG V10 (H960A) will be updated to Android 7.0 Nougat. And the old LG G3 retires officially from the market... But Arm yourself with patience, because the...
s8 preorder

Samsung Galaxy S8 preorder will start on 29th March

We got the exclusive information about the launch of Galaxy S8, which will be presented next March 29. Samsung Galaxy S8 and its Plus variant, is the most awaited 2017 phone, and we have great news! Price According...
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Smartwatches Reviews

10 Best Apple Smartwatch alternatives for iPhone Users

apple watch alternative
TO BE SMART WITH ALTERNATIVES….. An iPhone is a dream for everyone, and nowadays Apple smart watches too....

No.1 F5 Review: Perfect Budget smartwatch for health conscious people!

No.1 F5 Smartwatch Review
Smartwatches are in this season but we tend to get confused when it comes to choosing the...

Top 10 Best Chinese Smartwatches under $100 [2018]

We have to tell you a truth, smartwatches are still new gadgets that still has to attack...

No.1 F5 Smartwatch now available for per-order at $29.99!

No.1 F5 Smartwatch
No.1 F5 Smartwatch launched at banggood at as low as $29.99! Smartwatches has become a new fashion trend...

INCHOR InClock SmartWatch Review– Things to know before buy

INCHOR InClock SmartWatch Review
Many people from all over the world enjoy the popularity of activity and fitness trackers. However, in...

Handson Review

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